Friday, December 20, 2019

Stone Cold

  Bold and beautiful, this Da'at Necklace certainly makes a statement. Da'at is Hebrew for "knowledge". In Kabbalah, belief is Da'at is the spiritual point where all converge on the Tree of Life. With large gemstones and shell pieces, set in precious vibrant metals, and situated over the heart chakra, this necklace can help you see clearly with your heart.

  The one mentioned in this post is the Collector edition of this necklace, priced at 1,100L you get all 6 metal textures as well as all 18 different stone options in the HUD. You can grab single metal versions with the 18 stone choices from the marketplace: Silver | Gold | Copper | Rose Gold | Bronze | Iron. Each of the single metal sets are priced at 245L.

*This Collector set Necklace of Da'at has been sponsored by *paper moon*.


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