Thursday, December 19, 2019

Cheeky Pea Store HUNT

500L Join Fee

  A full living-room set has been hidden around Cheeky Pea's Store for all it's group members to find this year! There will be 12 pieces in all, with two items to find on Christmas Eve!  Don't worry if you haven't heard of this Hunt yet, you still have time to find all the hidden items, they are keeping them all out until New Years!

  Each day there will be a notice when a new gift is put out, along with cute little hints to help you narrow down the area this item may be hidden in. Little red gift bags or coin bags, will be what you're looking for. Good Luck and Enjoy this cute Holiday Decor Set!

  *SPOILER* If you want to keep the items a surprise until you pick them up yourself, don't read any further! I will be listing the days and item order so far:

Day 01: Rougir Sofa - Cabin
Day 02: Country Lane - Christmas Frames
Day 03: Cabin Coffee Table
Day 04: Decker Natural Chair - Cabin
Day 05: Cabin Holiday Tree
Day 06: Cabin Star Lamp

*pro tip: Pick up the store Destination HUD to help you navigate the store easier - if you want.


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