Friday, November 29, 2019

Time to Swag

  Divaz Empire has released this cute sporty hoodie and sweat pants set called 'She Got Swag Bag'. Comes in Blue, Red, Black and White color choices. Sizing includes: Belleza Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass.

  This set is available on the marketplace or Divaz Empire, in-world store for 275L.

  Looking for hot, trendy everyday pieces of clothing? Or, sleek and classy fashion? Divaz Empire is the place for you! Check them out now.

*This Swag set has been sponsored by Divaz Empire.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  Hello, hello! I apologize for my lack of posts recently, but with the Holidays already here I am trying to spend as much time with loved ones as possible and just enjoy all that I love about this Season. I hope you too, are doing the same and I wish you all the blessings in the world, today and always!

  Just letting you know, I have not went anywhere, have not dropped off the face of the Second Life world map! I've just stepped back a bit, and still have plenty of posts and ideas for posts coming soon!

*big squeezie hugs!*

Sunday, November 24, 2019


  Wanna know a secret about me? (It's totally NOT a secret) I am so excited about Christmas and the Winter Holidays! I hope a blizzard visits my town and I can look outside the warmth of my house and see huge, beautiful snow flakes pilling up all around me - as far as the eye can see. 

  I complained all summer long for winter to come, and now it has arrived! I am so happy about it. What is a secret you would like to share? 

::Clothing & Accessories::

tiar - Gingerman Earrings (Free Black Friday Bazaar Gift)
Candy Crunchers - Jasmine Rings (Group Gift 250L Join Fee)
LYBRA. - Ariana 1L Gift (Teleport Hub Gift 10L Join Fee)

::Head & Body::

MELANGE's Perruques Hair - Ciara Long - Soil (Free Black Friday Bazaar Gift)
It Girls - Estelle - Tan Skin - Genus
Izzie's - Lower & Upper Body Hair - brown (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)

* Don't forget, if you ever have a question about an item in a photo or video I post, where I haven't listed an item - please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to link you if I can.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Black Friday Bazaar Freebies

Ends December 1st

  Brought to you by Evil Bunny - This Event features 10 days of deals, discounts and over 60 FREE GROUP GIFTS! 64 designers, from 25-50% off. Come get ready for the Holidays and buy something special for yourself or a loved one!

  You'll get free gifts like: Clothing, shoes, accessories, decor, body applier items and more! Mostly these are Christmas themed items, but not everything is. There were a few Halloween themed and Fall things from some designers.

::Clothing & Accessories::

Ahlure - Sunglasses
-Aegyo- Socks
MCC - Fitmesh Model Snow Sweater
JR Wolf Creations - Selene Skirt


MELANGE's Perruques Hair - Clara Long Mesh Hair - Soil Regular

::Decor Items::

StoraxTree - Winter Magic Landscaping (Deer & Grass)
Dreamscapes Decor - *Xmas* Tree Stump

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Liaison Collaborative - Giving of Thanks Hunt Freebies

Ends November 26th @ 3pm SLT

  In the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, TLC wants to express their gratitude to the shoppers of the Event. Join them November 19th, through November 26th to check out all the exclusive items and creations by stunning designers of Second Life. They are not only offering special deals and new Holiday Season items, but hosting a Thanksgiving Hunt where you can find 14 FREE gifts, hidden in Pumpkins around the SIM!

  Find items like: Clothing, tattoos, makeup, decor, accessories and more! Show your support and come visit this beautifully decorated SIM and either shop or pick up some cute festive freebies!

::Clothing & Accessories::

BEO - Rose/Fuchsia Gown
Remezzo - Clary Boots
-:zk:- Hanna Coat
Belle Epoque - Maite Headband

::Eye Makeup::

Zibska - Rosalie Eyemakeup


[Cinoe] Thanks giving tart - dish & Pie
Serenity Style - Relaxing Cup of... (Coffee Sign)
Fashiowl - Don't Worry poses

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations : Madison - Contemporary Dance Pack

ends November 30th

  This dance pack includes 5 contemporary freestyle dances, performance captured by former multi-champion Madison Cubbage. She's been recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time. Contemporary dance is an expressive technical dance that has grown to be a dominant dance genres for formally trained dancers. The focus of it's technique typically combines the strong but controlled legwork of ballet with the emphasis of torso moments of modern dance.

  Product features include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion captured on a 24-camera optical motion capture system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recorded by Madison Cubbage.

  Disclaimer: Female Avatars - This dance is not curvy friendly due to the size of the dancer and the expressive upper body and arm movements. Although adjustments to the arms have been made to accommodate female avatars. we aren't able to accommodate all shapes without compromising the natural aesthetics of the arm movements. Therefore, hand/arms clipping into the breast may still occur depending on your shape affected by a combination of several factors: shoulder broadness, breast size, breast buoyancy, cleavage separation, and arm length.

Check out the video HERE or HERE!

* This Madison Contemporary Dance Pack has been sponsored by Johnny at Paragon Dance Animations of Second Life.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Kawaii Cutie

  Do you want to be a Kawaii Cutie as well? For FREE? Check out these cute items that are free Group Gifts from Witch)O(Craft!

::Clothing & Accessories::

Witch)O(Craft - Bruna Skirt & Top (GG - Free to Join)
Witch)O(Craft - Kawaii Heart Necklace (GG - Free to Join)

::Head & Body::

Witch)O(Craft - Pink Ballerina Tattoo (GG - Free to Join)
Witch)O(Craft - Vintage Nail Polish (GG - Free to Join)

Backdrop Credits go to FOXCITY. This cute bubble shower backdrop and pose stand is a Group Gift and comes in three different options - Bubbles or Confetti. Join Fee is 550L, but you have access to tons of backdrops and poses.

Skin Credits go to PUMEC. This skin is a Group Gift, for Genus and Catwa - February Tone. Join Fee is 399L.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Gimme those Gacha FREEBIES!

  The Gacha Garden has returned for it's November round and this month they are featuring new gachas by amazing Creators like HEXtraordinary, Doe, 22769, Lagom, Since 1975, Petit Mort, #POHUI, Salem, Noble Creations, Atmos, and dozens of other talented artists!

  Win Exclusive Limited Edition items available ONLY at the Event! Once this round is over, these collectibles are retired. PLUS! Don't forget to grab the dozens of free gifts provided by generous Creators!

  You'll find: 12 Accessories/ 10 Body Items/Appliers/ 3 Clothing Items/ 2 Hair Items/ 16 Decor Items and a Winter Floating Ball wearable by irrISIStible. All of these FREE gifts can be your's just for stopping by The Gacha Garden now!

::Clothing & Accessories::

.::Nanika::. - Betty Choker Black
[Salem] - Kitten Magick - Ear Pawds
Breaux Willow - Outdoor Theater Cookie Mouthie
Nord Embel'Lys Zodiaque - Bracelet Right - Lapis Silver
{BB} - Kitteh Crown - Blush
-Sorumin- Sophia Dress - Maitreya

::Head & Body::

{Limerence} - Agata Hair


CHEZ MOI - Logs and Axe
Inkme - Santa's Mug
DUST - Folded Blanket - 6 Textures

*Backdrop Credits to Synnergy (November GG - Join Fee 25L)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lets Get Witchy

October 30th - November 16th

  This Fleur Dress by Witch)O(Craft comes in  6 Texture Choices - priced at 150L. Sizing includes: Physique, Venus, Isis, Hourglass, Maitreya and Freya. Hud driven, so you can choose which color and design you prefer to wear.

  Witch)O(Craft sells a unique mix of accessories, tattoos, clothing, nail polish and more. Make sure to check out their in-world store and marketplace for more fantastic goodies!  Also, join their Free Group to get a wall of tattoos and clothing at their in-world store!

Also available at booth - Get Inked tattoo 10L/ Alegria Tattoo 10L/ Aida Tattoo 10L.

*This Fleur Dress set has been sponsored by The Exclusive Event and Witch)O(Craft.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Whats On

  Because sometimes, you just can't find anything good...


imbue. - elsie sheer crop - babygirl pink (GG 50L Join Fee)
-ADI- Shorts pink

::Props & Poses::

anxiety - nostalgia tv [blank]  (SL Sweet 16 Birthday Event Gift)
.::Nanika::. - Poses Set Valentine's Day - 4 (Marketplace Purchase 1L)

Friday, November 8, 2019

Sex Sells

October 30th - November 16th

  This Strap Me In outfit is created by Jazabelle Boutique and being featured at The Exclusive Event until November 16th! Maitreya only, you get Bolero, Boot's, Buckle, Choker, Gloves, Shorts and Top. Boots are High Maitreya, but comes with a foot shape as well. Buckle and Choker accessories are resize-able. 

  This isn't the only outfit Jazabelle Boutique has to offer at the Event, so be sure to stop by and pick one up! The price of this set is 225L

Don't forget to grab your FREE Gift while at the Booth!

This Blue star necklace is yours, just for stopping by!

* This Strap Me In outfit has been sponsored by The Exclusive Event and Jazabelle Boutique.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sweet Stuff

  Get yourself some cute pink freebies! If you're not keeping up with Teleport Hub, you should be! There are always free gifts in world supported by them and the designers. This frilly fun outfit is one of them. Join fee is 10L

  Also, hurry on down to Beusy and pick up this hair along with four other styles for FREE, they are having a 60% off on select styles as well at their in-world store - for a limited time.


[EN] - Carrie Skirt & Top (Teleport Hub Gift)


Beusy: - Dove Hairstyle Fatpack (Free Gift)


FOXCITY - Full Sass (SL Sweet 16 Birthday Gift)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Need for Speed

October 30th - November 16th

  Need a spooky cool ride in Second Life? BamPu Legacies has you covered with this Screaming Ghostly Caddy! Featured at The Exclusive Event until November 16th, you can pick up this rad ride for 320L. Included is an extra Hanging Ghost decor item which is 2LI. The Caddy is a neon Ghostly Green and is 19LI when rezzed. 

  No animations are added, so the vehicle is strictly for Decor purposes, but it looks super cool and would be perfect for pictures or outside of a themed build. BamPu Legacies remains on the cutting edge with the most unique and different items for your decorating desires. They also pride themselves in providing clothing that ranges from costumes, role play, formal and evening attire. So, be sure to check out their in-world store and marketplace to see what else might catch your eye!

* This Screaming Ghostly Caddy has been sponsored by The Exclusive Event and BamPu Legacies.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Death Notes

  Survival Notes comes in 3 different sets. Each set with 3 different items: Newspaper, Paper Pile of Notes and Note with Photo. Each item comes in 3 versions: Fresh, Faded and Bloody! Each item ranges from 1-2LI. The photo is blank so you can put your own image in for customization!

  There are 3 different themes to choose from: Creature Escapes, Father Kills Family (pictured) and Killer On the Loose (pictured). If you missed out on the 25% off sale when this set was featured at the LOADING Event (October 9th-October 29th), you can still get your hands on these through *paper moon*'s Marketplace for 250L each set: Creature Escapes | Killer On Loose | Father Kills Family.

*These Survival Notes set's have been sponsored by *paper moon*

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Elephant to the Rescue

October 30th - November 16th

  This Heart of Darkness set is being featured at The Exclusive Event in Second Life. Created by Heart Designs, you can pick up the Potted Plant 250L (2 Prims), Night Stand 450L (1 Prim) and Wall Mirror 150L (1 Prim) until November 16th at the Event. Each piece is designed in a dark rich texture and can add character to any room you choose to use it in.

  Most of Heart Designs' items are mesh or partial mesh, make sure your viewer is set up to LOD (under graphics in preferences) to 4.0 which will allow the item to show clearly and not just be some strange shape.

 Grab one piece or ALL of the items, to bring some charm to your home or establishment! Heart Designs puts love and detail into each and every piece they create. Be sure to check out all their other offerings at their Marketplace or in-world store!

*All Items mentioned in this post have been sponsored by The Exclusive Event and Heart Designs.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Pretty lil' Divaz

    This Gangsta Diva outfit includes Bra, Pants and Panties add-on. Each item comes with a color HUD. 12 color options for the Bra and Pants and 6 color options for the add-on panties! Fits: Hourglass/Physique/Venus/Isis/Tonic Curvy/Tonic Fine/Freya and Maitreya. Grab yours either in-world at Divaz Empire store or on the Marketplace for 300L.

  Divaz Empire is a growing company. Selling excellent quality mesh clothing that comes in the two most popular body types - slink and belleza. Currently, they are also working on hair and make-up appliers to add to their growing line of products offered.

  Have a look at their store in-world or on the marketplace to see what hot goodies you can grab! Don't forget, Divaz Empire is also being featured at The Exclusive Event right now!

*This Gangsta Diva outfit pack was sponsored by Divaz Empire.