Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mitch : The Sims 4 : Download

   The fourth Colorful and Eclectic room for your Sims to enjoy! A Living room and Dining room. Many textures and plants bring together this spacious and cozy room. 


Download ALL the rooms from links below!

   Find all the Custom Content used from the links under the following pictures. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Christina : The Sims 4 : Download

   Black White and Grey Tumblr-ish Trendy Bedroom. Bed, desk, dresser and a nice entertainment/lounge area that would be great for Teens or Adult sims alike. 

   Find all the Custom Content used from the links under the following pictures. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

Allisas > Simply Elegant Single Long Curtains Set 1
ATS4 > IKEA like Desk Linnarp

BLS > Rotating Fan
brittpinkiesims > Salon Stuff nail polish
BuffSumm TSR > XMas 2015 Lantern
BuffSumm TSR > Kids Industry Teddy Owl

DOT TSR > Alish Fan Flush Ceiling Lamp Mesh
DOT TSR > Wall Switch Night Light Mesh(s)
dri4na > Simple Patterned Pillows
dri4na > Jewelry Tree
dri4na > Perfume Bottle
dreamteamsims > Dover Bedroom Drawer Dresser
dreamteamsims > Ichosim Simbox Candle Recolors + Anye Headphone
dreamteamsims > Wall Pictures 4 in 1 + Wall Pictures 01

Ilona > MXIMS Duvets Blanket Recolors 6 (Part of Santa Gift)

Kardofe TSR > beginnings pc games 2
kiwisims4 > Gregor Jenkins Photo Frame Set

LC > Twinkle Lights
leosims > Star Picture Holder
leosims > Puppy Pose 13
leosims > String Light For Mirror

MangoSims > Nebula bedroom Clock
MangoSims > Ninon bedroom Mattress
miosims > Pencils
miosims > Tv remote
miosims > Books
miosims > samarium loveseat
miosims > Curio black patterned bin
miosims > billyjean wall pictures + Wall chain
ModernZombie > NO Parking walls
monysims > Apple Imac
msteaqueen (MTQ) > RSS 2T4 Jonesi Bed Blanket 1 Recolors
Mutske TSR > Milford Picture(s)
MXIMS > MS91 Antique Industrial Waste Bin
MXIMS > Sony PlayStation 4 Slim
MXIMS > Curio Bedroom Pencils Cup

Natatanec > Decor accessory (heart hanger)
nullspacenancy > Clutter Shelf
NynaeveDesign > Soho Office Supplies Magazine Files
NynaeveDesign TSR > Rover Picture Frame

OnyxSims > Lyden Craftsman Panel Door
OnyxSims > Folding Wardrobe Doors Version 2
OBP > Bath & Body Works Set 1
OBP > iPhone 5C Deco
OBP > Xbox One Console 1

PCTS4 > Graciously Georgian Build Set 2 Tile window
PCTS4 > Hamptons Hideaway Mirror
Pixelshrine > RingClip Curtains
Pralinesims TSR > PS VEOX Rugs 8
Pralinesims TSR > PS Decal Posters 4
Pralinesims TSR > PS Decal Posters
pqSim4 > Dormitorio Monik Bed
puresims > Assorted Prints

Rickeygirl24 > Quotes Wall Stickers Set 2
RSS (RachelsSimStuff) > Sims in Spring Loveseat Blanket
RSS (RachelsSimStuff) > Lis0 Art Frame Large

Sanoysims > Lykke Bedroom Four Pillows + Basket with pillow
sim4me > Private Postcard Display
SIMcredibledesigns > Energy TV
SIMcredibledesigns TSR > Nothing 2 Fear Vent
Sims4Krampus TSR > Wallpaper
slox > IZI Bedroom IKEA Nordi endtable
slox > Compact kitchen drawers

Veranka > Shades of Grey Carpets

YourDorkBrains (YDB) > Dvd With Remote

13pumpkin > Milla Gift 30 pillows

Friday, April 13, 2018

Veronika : The Sims 4 : Download

   The Third room in the Colorful and Eclectic house... a bathroom! Small but bright and cheerful and a pleasure to use. Eye catching patterns and a mix of colors and styles go nicely paired with the other rooms that have been uploaded for this home OR used separately, the choice is always yours!


Download ALL the rooms from the links below!

3. Veronika (Bathroom)


   Find all the Custom Content used from the links under the following images. Check out the Youtube video at the end of the page!

novvvas > Vintage Floor #2

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ian : The Sims 4 : Download

   The Second bedroom in the colorful and eclectic house I'm working on. Bright and vibrant textures and colors jump at you from this eccentric bedroom for the teens or tots in  your sim life! 


Download ALL the rooms from the links below!

2. Ian (Bedroom)


   Find all the Custom Content used from the links under the following pictures. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

B.Simth > Gecko Sculpture

Cherrysims > Milla Luna Books
CoolPanther > TS2TS4 Conversion Crissi's Hideout Pillows

DOT TSR > Retro 3 Ceiling Lamp Mesh
dominationkid > neon sign mickey
dreamteamsims > LeapReader Closed Book

ForeverDesigns > Katies Kids Room Pluche Sea Lion

Grafity > Emoji Pillows

Ilona > Deatherella GoneGlamour TS2 TS4 Set 1 (Part of Santa Gift)

JSB > Bunny Slippers

Kresten22 > Photoholder

Leosims > Roma Desk Chair
leosims > Vintage Wheel Table
leosims > Star Picture Holder
leosims > Mila Hanging Bomber Jacket
leosims > Lighted Palette Bed Frame
leosims > Hannie Wall Stickers
leosims > Spot The Dog Decor
leosims > Urban Wall Photos
leosims > R13 Cute Pillows
leosims > Piglet Plushie (patreon)
linacherie > HS Simply elegant curtains short 1 tile addon

Miosims > Deer Pillow
miosims > Blythe doll sitting
minc > DB Sectional Single Hung Bay Window(s)
Monysims > Quotes Frame
mountaintopsims > Mountain top Wind Chimes
msteaqueen (MTQ) > Apollo Modern Living Modern doll (Penguins)
msteaqueen (MTQ) > Awa Dining Painting RC4
MXIMS > String Shelf System Desk
MXIMS > Kay Bojesen Monkey B
MXIMS > Google Android Mascot Figure

Natatanec > Wall lamp left + Board for records

Onebillionpixels (OBP) > Kawaii Pillows
OnyxSims > Wallpaper Collection No.3

Pandorda85 MTS > Wood Floor 3
Pralinesims TSr > PS Wood Wall 31

SIMcredibledesigns TSR > Nuance Ceiling Lamp
sim2me > Private Postcard Display
Severinka TSR > TS4 Zoe teen room dresser
Severinka TSR > TS4 ECO kitchen Counters + Cabinets
Severinka TSR > TS4 Twins Kids Room blanket
Severinka > SV Animals converted Cat sitting
soloriya TSR > My Plush Friend
slox > Sinda VHS rack + TV + VHS deco + Whimsy floor painting

Tilly Tiger > Foundation 5

Veranka > Mattress for Bunk Bed with patterns

13pumpkin > Rustic Arch Door Recolors