Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bone You

October 30th - November 16th

  DoggMata offers tons of poses, providing poses for all of your photo memories, modeling and more. All their poses are Unisex. They even provide custom work upon request. This set is called "Skellie" the  Fat-pack of 5 poses is priced at 200L, single poses are 50L. Includes Pose Balls and standard versions for each pose.

  Grab this pack for spooky Halloween pictures or at any time you choose. I picked up this Skeleton Avatar as a gift last year - but there is a FREE one right now by E-Clipse Design if you're looking for one.

*This DoggMata Skellie Pose pack was sponsored by The Exclusive Event and DoggMata.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


  This Country Diva PT2 outfit, comes in 6 ruffle color options. One piece, jean jumper. Fits: Belleza (Isis/Freya)/Slink(All) and Maitreya. Grab yours either in-world at Divaz Empire store or on the Marketplace for 275L.

  Divaz Empire is a growing company. Selling excellent quality mesh clothing that comes in the two most popular body types - slink and belleza. Currently, they are also working on hair and make-up appliers to add to their growing line of products offered.

  Have a look at their store in-world or on the marketplace to see what hot goodies you can grab! Don't forget, Divaz Empire is also being featured at The Exclusive Event right now!

*This Country Diva PT2 outfit pack was sponsored by Divaz Empire.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Exclusive Event - Round 3

October 30th - November 16th

  This round of The Exclusive Event is themed around Halloween/Cosplay. Event will open at 2pm SLT October 30th, DJ Inferno will be performing on the 1st and 2nd of November from 6pm to 8pm SLT! Come support the talent, there could be a Linden Prize give away during the 6-8pm set!

  You'll find this cozy and classic dress from Divaz Empire at the Event. This Elect Lady Dress comes in 6 color choices: Purple/Olive/Grey/Black/Pink and White (shown in picture) and fits: Hourglass/Venus/Freya/Isis/Maitreya and Physique. Set is priced at 275L.

*All items mentioned in this post have been sponsored by The Exclusive Event and Divaz Empire.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Into The Light

  Here are some more items you can pick up at the Spookzilla Hunt - Cute skeleton tights from Furtacor, a short crop beater shirt by 28LA and a fur coat that comes in solid and bloody version by Love!

  Check out the other items I paired with this outfit below.

::Clothing & Accessories::

[VO.Z] - Pin Earrings
28LA - Crop Beater (25L Spookzilla Hunt)
FurtaCor - Touch but don't bite my pumpkin - Skeleton Tights (Spookzilla Hunt Free Gift)
Love - Fur Coat - Black #6 (25L Spookzilla Hunt)
N-Uno - Valery Boots ($60L Happy Weekend Purchase)

::Head & Body::

Clawtooth - Miss Vanjie - Bruenettes Pack (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)

::Poses & Backdrop::

[Dope + Mercy] - Gift 06 - One day_stand (Past Free GG - Free Join Fee)
FOXCITY. - Photo Booth - The Grid - Silver (GG - 550L Join Fee)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Head Games

  If you haven't had a chance to check out the Spookzilla Hunt - you really should! It is open from October 25th to October 31st and has items from 115 stores at 25L and less for each hidden item on the Sim. This post is a combination of a few different Hunt items.

  This cool bloody morgue backdrop and accessories is from Inner Demons - the severed head prop is from Fashiowl's Zombie Camp pose pack. The outfit is a mix of Wicca's Originals and Look At Me.

  I've made a whole post with all the links and information you need to know about the Spookzilla Hunt - HERE!

::Clothing & Accessories::

Wicca's Originals - Grin Reaper Mask #4
Wicca's Originals - Nemesis Arms #7
Wicca's Originals - Ava Boots #8
Look At Me. - Black Shirt
Look At Me. - Bloody Shorts
Look At Me. - Bloody Coffee

::Head & Body::

Astrology - Mercedes Revival Hair Bloody

::Poses/Props & Backdrop::

Fashiowl - Sidecar Pose
Fashiowl - Zombie Camp Severed Head
{ID} - Corpse Table Bloody #6
{ID} - Morgue Backdrop Bloody #5
{ID} - Sign Neon #8
{ID} - Morgue Tray Bloody #7

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Spookzilla Halloween Hunt

October 25th - October 31st

  One of the biggest Halloween Hunts on the grid, with over 100 stores participating. Not only can you seek out all the little colorful ghostie items for 25L or less, but there are multiple FREEBIE stations set up all around the place as well. Plus! Sid the ghost is hiding all around, so if you stumble across him and give him a click, you might just get yourself some extra free goodies!

  So much to see here, with a HUGE SIM full of creepy fun stuff! The amount of time this must of taken to decorate is insane, I am astonished and thrilled, it was so much fun doing this hunt. You can choose to try and find everything, from all the designers, or look for only specific items by checking the key area with a list of all the colors of each ghost and which store it represents. *UPDATE: Within the Group Notices there is now a complete store list with all the Keys and Ghostie colors you'll be looking for! 

  These ghosts are hidden VERY WELL! They could be anywhere, from high up in the sky to low to the ground, under items, in items and everywhere in-between. So, you'll be a busy busy ghoul while doing your searching. But, it's well worth it, if you have a look at some of the items being offered: TR Facebook Key Gallery you can see all the talent that has come to join this Hunt.

  If you enjoy this hunt and appreciate the work that has went into it - you can take some time and give it a vote in the Huntie Awards. Make sure to follow the rules when filling out the form, so that Spookzilla can get the credit.

Have Fun and Good Luck Hunting!!!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Fallin' For #PrettyGirlRock

25L Group Join Fee - Wear your tag to get 45% off when shopping at the store!

  In these photos I'm wearing the "His" Shirt, by #PGR. The Fatpack which contains a Hud of 14 solid colors and 3 plaid texture choices for 250L. Sizes Include: Belleza Freya/Belleza Isis/Belleza Venus/Ebody Curvy/Maitreya/Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique. Demos are available on Marketplace so you can Try before you Buy!

  Also wearing the Choosy Lover Heels from #PGR. Fatpack includes 8 solid colors Purple/Green/Hot Pink/Black(as shown in photo)/White/Red/Light Pink and Gold - all color choices have gold sole/chain and spike details. This set is being sold for 75L and fits Maitreya High and Belleza High

  Check out #PrettyGirlRock for more stunning casual/formal and sexy outfits - shoes - skin - hair and makeup! 

*All items mentioned in this post have been sponsored by #PrettyGirlRock.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Moody Mood

  Kisses for my sweets. Treats for my foes. Sometimes wearing black just makes you feel so fearless.

::Clothing & Accessories::

.BIRKA. - Elena Top
Ya. Septum Piercing (Marketplace Purchase 26L)
Pacagaia Creations (:PC:) - Grace High Waisted Pants

::Head & Body::

.:Glamorize:. - Sweet Evil - Freckles 1 & Female Dancer Eyeshadow Tattoo (Marketplace Purchases)
Izzie's - Genus - Black Lipstick matte (Marketplace Free Gift)
A&A Paula Hair - jetblack (Marketplace Purchase 1L)
Lempika - Dimples 3 Tones - Catwa/Omega (Marketplace Purchase 1L)
..::INKer::.. - Time For That - M


Nanika Portrait poses (Marketplace Purchase 1L)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations : Madison Jazz Funk Dance Pack

Ends November 9th

  This Dance Pack is being released exclusively at Kustom 9's 6th Anniversary Event in Second Life. There are 5 Jazz Funk dances, free-styled and authentically performance captured by Instagram Star Madison Cubbage. Madison is the elite protege of Brian Friedman, a legendary choreographer (who worked with Britney Spears) and one of the pioneers of Jazz Funk.

  Jazz Funk is a hot commercial style of dance - a hybrid style of hip hop and jazz dance with foundational movements from jazz. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga have used this style in many of their dances.

  Product Features include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion-captured on a 24-camera optical motion capture system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Post production by Mike Johnson of Guerillamation Films and Halon Entertainment.

  Single dances are priced at 300L and the full pack of 5 dances will cost you 1200L (25% Discount at the Event).

  :More about Madison Cubbage: 

- Dancer for Todrick Hall (Forbidden World Tour), Ariana Grande (7 Rings MV), Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Forever in Your Mind, and DNCE. 
- Elite Protege with The Pulse On Tour.  
- Top contemporary dancer recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time. 
- 230,000+ instagram followers. 

Watch Video of Dances HERE or HERE

*This Madison Jazz Funk Dance Pack has been Sponsored by Johnny of Paragon Dance Animations.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Greedy Ghouls

 *Sigh* I think I need more candy... 

  This post brings you information on a new and FREE hunt from AsteroidBox (9 Items to find - clothing pieces fit: Maitreya/HourGlass/Petite/Freya & the Umbrella comes in 2 Versions - Clues are included as part of this Hunt ), a new CHEAP hunt from MINIMAL (10 Items to find in total/ 13L Each - Themed "Witches Decor"), and some creepy cool *paper moon* hand decor items (Were on sale for 25% off at Mystical Market 2018 - Now on Marketplace for 250L each set ). 

  This set comes in many options. There are 7 different versions (Ophiology/Night Sky/Graphology/Floriculture/Entomology/Bone and Bloody Bone), each of these themed sets come with 6 items - a pair of hands, a left hand and a right hand all in Faded and Fresh Versions. 1LI each, can be resized and linked for lower LI if you're using multiples. 

::Clothing & Accessories::

AsteroidBox. - Canopus Boots - Bloody
AsteroidBox. - Carina Corset - Bloody
AsteroidBox. - Notos Umbrella - Animation B - Bloody
AsteroidBox. - Theia Glasses - Bloody
VOBE - Cross Choker (VANITY Event - July GIFT)

::Head & Body::

:ANDORE: - Mesh Ears - Gamer (I Love Gacha GG - 5L Join Fee)
KC*M - No.46[Sae] Hair Ribbon - Black
.:Glamorize:. - Sweet Evil - Freckles 1 & Female Dancer Eyeshadow Tattoo (Marketplace Purchases)
Izzie's - Genus - Black Lipstick matte (Marketplace Purchase - 0L GIFT)
Glitter - FULL PERM Badey Hair (Marketplace Purchase 8L)

::Decor & Backdrop::

MINIMAL - #7 & #8 - Decor Skull Candle Sticks
MINIMAL -  #2 - Green Animated Fog Cauldron 
MINIMAL - #10 - Decor Bats
MINIMAL - #5 - Books with Skull Decor
*paper moon* - Tattooed Plaster Hands - Bloody Bone/Night Sky & Ophiology Pictured
The Half Moon Market - Eye Candy - Blue/Brown/Green (Trick Or Treat Lane - October GIFT)
VARONIS - Path to Absolution Backdrop (Kustom 9 - October GIFT)

*This set of Tattooed Plaster Hands has been Sponsored by *paper moon*

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Tea Party

  Sometimes oldies are still goodies. Now with the release of the BOM updates, it's easy to wear your old Standard Avatar outfits, and even though they have quite a few years on them now, some look just as good as new items. This cute Lolita outfit with a prim skirt looks super sweet and comes in more colors than just the blue shown. 

::Clothing & Accessories::

BigBeautifulDoll - Lace Headpiece (Uber July Gift)
Oh my goth - Dolly Shoes - Cross (Marketplace Purchase 10L)
Rotten Toe - Gothic Blue Scissors Lolita Dress/Standard Avi Spplier Top & Bottoms/Ribbon tie necklace/Prim Skirt (Marketplace Purchase 5L)

::Head & Body::

alme. - Classic Appliers - Halloween Ombre nails (kustom 9 GIFT)
::CHERRYISH:: - Fuwaka Lip Gloss - Genus (kustom 9 GIFT)
pr!tty - Brittany hair Fatpack (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)

::Poses & Props::

Insomnia Angel Poses - *{(konpeitou)} Poses (Free Gift)
SSMS - Dolly Tea Party (The Cookie Jar Hunt August Gift)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Night Kiss

Ends November 9th

  Stop by Kustom 9 Event today! It's their 6th Birthday Anniversary and along with the usual great exclusive items by designers, you'll be able to pick up FREE Gifts just for showing up! Over 62 in fact! Accessories, Clothing, Objects, Body applier items along with Props and poses!

::Clothing & Accessories::

*[LsR] Moda - Sexy Keny Dress Pink (Comes in Black/White/Pink & Red - Free Group Join/GG
[[ Masoom ]] - Meghan Bento Gloves - Pink (Fits Maitreya, Belleza & Slink - Metal change HUD - kustom 9 GIFT)
: CULT : - Salem Collar (kustom 9 GIFT)

::Head & Body::

pr!tty - Brittany hair Fatpack (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)
::CHERRYISH:: - Fuwaka Lip Gloss - Genus (kustom 9 GIFT)
[ MUDSKIN ] - GHOST LENS #2 (2 Options/Catwa/Genus/Lelutka/Mesh & Omega - kustom 9 GIFT)
alme. - Classic Appliers - Halloween Ombre nails (kustom 9 GIFT)


Spoiled - G(L)ORY WINE poses (Comes with Wine Bottle/Animated - kustom 9 GIFT)

*It's harder than you think sometimes, finding the right shade of a color to match items you're wearing. Hah!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Love from Lizzie

 Loving you.. the way only Lizzie Borden can.  Sometimes the easiest way to someones heart, is through the chest - with an ax. 

::Clothing & Accessories::

*PKC* - Batsy Septum (Trick or Treat Lane - October - Gift)
:ANDORE: - lips accessories - piercing (GG 75L Join Fee)
:ANDORE: - Mesh Ears - Moon (GG 75L Join Fee)
Mossu - Lust Choker - Witch 
NO.MATCH - No.Charge - small arm bands (GG 50L Join Fee)

::Head & Body::

pr!tty - Sury hair & bangs (The Saturday Sale Purchase)
DAPPA - Creed Tattoo
:::Sn@tch Bloody Chaos Tattoo (Black & White-T):::
LUMOX - Wound Blush (Marketplace 10L)

::Poses & Props::

:: MS Design :: - Axe Hold AO & Axe in Hand (Halloween Store Hunt 1L-75L items)

*I picked up the :: MS Design :: hunt items for last year's (2018) Halloween Hunt, but I'm glad they are back with the same items and more, this year so you guys don't have to miss out if you want this look too!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Paragon Dance Animation : Liz Body Groove Dance Pack

  This new Latin Dance Pack is being exclusively released October 12th at the ACCESS Event, in Second Life. Four different dances are included in this Body Groove set and are perfect for any sexy and sultry music with a beat. Shake and shimmy those beautiful hips to any Latin Pop music, of your hearts content. 

  Product Features include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion-captured on a 24-camera optical motion capture system for the most smooth and natural flowing animations possible. Post production by Mike Johnson of Guerillamation Films and Halon Entertainment.

  Prices are as follows: Single dances are priced at 300L and the full pack of four dances cost 900L at a 25% discount for the Event. The "Queen of Salsa", Liz Lira and Johnny have teamed up yet again to make a brilliant mix of spicy fun dances for the ladies! Come grab yours, today!

Check out Video HERE or HERE

*This dance pack has been Sponsored by Johnny at Paragon Dance Animations. Thank you so much again, for letting me blog about your fantastic products!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

{ViSion} & Paper Sparrow Hunts

  Interested in some awesome blood-splattered clothing? Well you're just in luck! Come to Paper Sparrow - no group needed, and look all around the store for little cute bats, to pick up 7 items for 25L a piece! 

  Want some timeless, not so bloody clothing pieces? For FREE? Well, head on over to {ViSion}'s store and join their Free Group to find all the little flowers hidden around the store. It's a HUGE store, you guys and there are 15 items in all to find! It might take you a while, but it'll be worth it!!

This backdrop and poses used in above photo are from the Kustom 9 Event! Over 60 Free Gifts to pick up there if you check it out before November 9th!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trick Or Treat Chic

  The Seasons Story is celebrating it's 6 Year Anniversary and with that, giving out FREE GIFTS! Almost all vendors are giving out these gifts for 0L each. Accessories, Body applier items, Clothing, Objects and Poses with Props. 66 Freebies in all.

::Clothing & Accessories::

NO.MATCH - No.Charge - small wrist bands (GG 50L Join Fee)
.PrettyDeceased. - Annie Choker (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
Mellow Ring Set - Copper (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
ON-LINE. - School Look - Glasses Sky (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
*PKC* - Batsy Septum (Trick Or Treat Lane - October Gift)
:ANDORE: - lips accessories - Lia (GG 75L Join Fee)
:ANDORE: - Mesh Ears - Moon (GG 75L Join Fee)
+MuggleBorn+ - Pumpkin bag (Free GG)
{ViSion} - Rowan Tank Top Dress (Free GG)

::Head & Body::

POEMA - Lilith Eyes (Marketplace Purchase 10L)
Raven Bell - Spiderweb Hair Base - Black (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
Apocalyptic - Cats tattoo
::c.A.:: - Rita Maitreya Nail Applier (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
*_*jacQ's*_* - Hair 0.2.1. Black (Marketplace Purchase 10L)

::Poses & Prop::

:uzu: gift pose 03 (The Seasons Story - October Gift)
Fashiowl Boo Pose & Kitty/Pumpkin Prop (The Seasons Story - October Gift)

Monday, October 14, 2019

Welcome to Witchy Way

  All the decor items shown in these photos were FREE (or 10L) from Hunts! Grab them up, for your spooky decor too, while they last! *avatar clothing credits HERE.

Simply Shelby - Haunted  Window
::SD:: Black cat 
Lush - Skeleton Lamp
The Style Loft - Witchy Tapestry

[AD] [Addams] Drink Tray
.~DN~. Golden Mystic's Cauldron - Aged
Dragon Magick Wares Ritual Table
Lilith's Den  - Qi-Gong Display
Raindale - Spiritvalley mirror
SF . Arbatel de Magia - Tome
Space Oddities - Punkins
{Lenore} Arcane Circle - Tintable
{RW} Spirit Guardian Candle - Scripted & Decor Spirit Board
OW Bottle of eyes
{C&C} Mini Kettle Candle - Iron & Copper
~Libertine~ Flesh Carver's Treat table

Art&KO Decor Snake