Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Spirit

  I've been loving this Your Dreams {YD} Christmas Living Room set that I picked up during the store's Black Friday Sales event. It was first released as a 60L$ Happy Weekend Sale item, but I'm glad I still was able to grab it at that price.

  The set includes the Christmas Tree, Fireplace, Rug, Sofa, Table and Tray. Absolutely stunning set, in my opinion, and each year I like to pick up a few new trees and Christmas Decorations to freshen up my home and photos.

  I also grabbed their Rustic Bathroom set and Texas Living Room along with playing a few gachas while I was there. I'd advise to keep a look out for their 60L deals over the weekend through the ACCESS  Updates Group if you can - I'm sure you'll find something that you want to take home with you too!


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