Monday, May 28, 2018

Roland : The Sims 4 : Download

  The Last room in my Colorful and Eclectic House build. This is a Sunken Kitchen for the house. The Room, IS the lot in which all the other rooms can be placed (were placed when built). 

  You will have to remove the walls blocking off the Dining and Entertainment room if you'd like the layout to be the same as my original images and perhaps add back the stairs that carry you up and out of the kitchen into those rooms.


Download ALL the rooms from the links below!

6. Roland (Kitchen) 


   Find all the Custom Content from the links under the following photos. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

ATS4 > Alpine Winter - Wall Bottle Holder
ATS4 > Gifts for Sims - Electric kettle
AnnArchy > Concrete Counters
ArwenKaboom TSR > Colorful Wooden Coffee Mugs Holder

Budgie2budgie > Sticker Fridge

Chicklet > Autumn Days Door Swag + Flowers + Tall Pumpkin
Chisami > Limelove Dragan Walls

DOT TSR > Small Ceiling Lamp Mesh
dreamteamsims > Cutting Board
dreamteamsims > Tolix Marais 18 Stool
dreamteamsims > Wall Deco Lamp 02
dreamteamsims > Coffee Maker
dreamteamsims > Sunnersta Kitchen Knodd Bin

Ichosim > Food01
inabadromance > Colored Mugs
ilona > Deatherella Gone Glamour TS2 to TS4 Set (Wallpaper) + Niche Arch 2 Tiles Gone Glamour Set 1

Kardofe TSR > Dining Country life Vase2
Kiolometro TSR - Painting (s) No5 Friends MR

Lina-cherie > Curio kitchen kettle
leosims > Classic Men Shoes
leosims > Caro Plates
leosims > B43 toaster porsschedesign
leosims > Tea And Coffee Bags
leosims > Hall Set Hat Deco + Leash

Miosims > Leehee White pot + Spicebin + Kitchen timer
miosims > 8-3 Detergents
miosims > simcredible toast + phoenix phaerie pot
MINC > DB Sectional Single Hung Bay Window (s)
msteaqueen (MTQ) > NEM Lip Telephone with recolors
msteaqueen (MTQ) > TS2-TS4 Maron-Luna Apples 2 + Keira Dining Plates and Bowls-7
MXIMS > Wayfarer Ray-Ban Classic

Natatanec > IKEA Painting
NynaeveDesign TSR > Amber Framed Leaf

Ohmysims > Halloween Pumpkin Arrangement (wall)
OnyxSims > Wallpaper Collection No.3

PCTS4 > Lennox Kitchen Sink
Pandorda85 MTS > Better wood Floor 3
pqSim4 > Bathroom Irta (colorful towel)
pqSim4 > Clutter Cocina Leire (Utensils)
Pralinesims (PS) TSR > Shoji Walls
Pralinesims (PS) TSR > Wood Wall 31

Sanoysims > Half LIfe 2 Industrial Part 4 (Wallpaper)
Severinka TSR > TS4 Ethnic mask06 Ceremonial
Severinka TSR > Avignon dining Basket with apples
Severinka TSR > TS4 ECO kitchen - island counter + cabinets + stove + some detector > Wood 02 1
SIMcredibledesigns > Plant Pack Fern (Miscellaneous PG2)
SIMcredibledesigns > Form and Function Salami
Sims4Luxury > Rug Collection 23
slox > Broken Kitchen dishwasher (deco)
ShinoKCRS4 TSR > Country Shelf w Mirror

Tilly Tiger > Foundation 5

Wondymoon TSR > Vanadium Stove Hood

YUMIA > Mojito Jar + Drink

2SIS > OVERBOHO walldecor
13pumpkin > Star Shutter Left + Right
13pumpkin > Wall Edge Hider

Friday, May 18, 2018

Francis : The Sims 4 : Download

   Another Colorful room with Eclectic and Urban accents! Livingroom or Entertainment room for your Sims Home. Plants mix perfectly with bright and muted tones from all the colors in the rainbow. 


Download ALL the rooms from the links below!

5. Francis (Entertainment Room) 


   Find all the Custom Content from the links under the following photos. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!