Thursday, December 5, 2019

December 2019 Marketplace Deals

1. *AMANI* - Feeling Cozy Set 5L | 2. Temptress Desires - September Group Gift 1L | 3. FurtaCor - Anna Sneakers 5L | 4. NPV - Ripped Merch Dress 1L | 5. Vanilla Bae - Sally Onesie Free Gift v2 1L | 6. [NyDesign] - Dollarbie Urban Kink Sporty Lingerie 1L | 7. ABSEN - Prencess B Outfit 10L

  The Second Life Marketplace is a great place to check regularly for Gifts and Sales. The search function, is your friend! It may feel overwhelming when you look at the Marketplace and see thousands and thousands of items, and wonder.. well, how do I find what I'm looking for?

  I have some general tips for you, when searching for items:

  1. Always, type in (all caps) "NOT DEMO", unless you're searching for... Demos! You could also put, "gifts" or "free", after typing NOT DEMO, too if you'd like. But, those will come up too, even if you don't type those. 

  2. You can pick a certain Category, OR just leave it alone, so everything comes up. 

  3. Choose your Price. While doing this, I choose $0 - $10, of course.

  4. Choose the drop-down for 96 items per page.

  Lastly, set aside a nice chunk of time, to go through pages and pages of items - cause, you're a hardcore deal hunter - right??!!

Good Luck and Have Fun!!


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