Sponsors, partnerships, affiliates... whatever label you'd prefer to put on it. I would feel very fortunate if you allowed me to blog for you about your product or company.

  There are so many fantastic creators on the Second Life platform, and I respect and admire each and every one. The talent and time it takes to pull things from your mind and make them into actual items or even create wonderful art in the form of photography just blows me away.

  I only hope that if you choose me to help represent your product(s) or Event(s) I can do them justice for you. My Review Policy is HERE.

::Past & Present Sponsors::

owner: Eyekandi1 - manager: MICRA2015 - assistant: kaylosiera

(Beautiful Dirty Rich)

*Every post that contains a sponsorship of any kind will always be listed directly, with full credit and gratitude.


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