Friday, December 6, 2019

*paper moon* Tree Shutters

  Time to pull out all the Christmas decorations! Gather around the beautifully lit tree and a cozy fire, safe and warm surrounded by wonderful people and spectacular items.  This set of Tree Shutters by *paper moon* is just stunning! As always, each color set comes in Fresh and Faded versions. Only 1LI each when rezzed.

  These Tree Shutters are available in 8 different choices: Frosty, Ice, Red/Black, Red/Green (shown in photo - faded version), White/Red, Stained/Stained, Stained/Red and Stained/Green. In each set comes a A shutter and a B shutter, so you get plenty of options for your decorating needs!

  Pop on over to the We <3 Role-Play Event before December 31st and you can grab the Stained/Green Tree Shutters for only 50L! All the other sets are 25% off while at the Event too!

*This set of Tree Shutters have been sponsored by *paper moon*


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