Monday, December 30, 2019

Just Fetch'ing

  Test your luck and grab yourself some half-price gacha's at Fetch! Room sets, decor, clothing and more, for 25L a pull. End date extended until January 22nd.

::Bailey Bedroom Gacha::

Beaded Wall Art - 2LI
Nightstand Clutter - 1LI
Dangling Lamps - 2LI
ADULT Bed *Rare - 13LI

::Crystal Vanity Set Gacha::

Lighted Mirror - 1LI
Nail Polishes - 1LI
Perfume Bottles - 1LI
Vanity RARE - 2LI
Wakeup Art - 1LI

::Phedra Living Room Gacha::

Gallery Frames - 1LI
Makeup Tray - 1LI
Rug - 2LI
Vase Books - 1LI

::Other Items Pictured::

tarte - Jar Plant (Dear September Gacha) - 1LI
tarte - Desk Clutter (Dear September Gacha) - 1LI
tarte - Oval Frame (Dear September Gacha) - 1LI
tarte - Hanging Candle - Bronze (Dear September Gacha) - 2LI
tarte - Photo Mirror - Blue - 3LI (GG 20L Join Fee)

Saturday, December 28, 2019


  Divaz Empire makes such comfy and classic styled clothes, so cute and laid back that you just want to LIVE in them! This "Sleepless Diva" outfit is no exception! Slouchy and cozy, comes in 6 texture options and fits Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Slink Hourglass/Physique and Maitreya. Slay, all year long, with your choice of white, red (as pictured), blue, pink, black or grey for 275L.

*This Sleepless Diva outfit has been sponsored by Divaz Empire.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations : Ally - Club Groove Pack

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Ends January 22nd

  This Ally - Club Groove Dance Pack is available now at the Uber Event in Second Life.  4 Dances  in the Fat-pack, priced at 900L (25% Discount).  Single Dances selling for 300L each.  Club grooves are casual light freestyle dances for dancing at a club or at a concert. Feel the music with these fluid feminine moves with rhythm and style for the ladies, versatile to fit a wide variety of music. 

  Product Features include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion-captured on an 8-camera Optitrack Prime 13 optical mocap system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recoreded by Ally Vega. 

Check out the video HERE or HERE.

*This Ally - Club Groove Dance Pack has been sponsored by Johnny of Paragon Dance Animations.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Cheeky Pea Store Hunt - ALL GIFTS!

500L Join Fee

  Please refer to my first post where I was showing the first 6 gifts, if you'd like more information!

Day 01: Rougir Sofa - Cabin - 7LI
Day 02: Country Lane - Christmas Frames - 4/4/5LI
Day 03: Cabin Coffee Table - 1 LI
Day 04: Decker Natural Chair - Cabin - 4LI
Day 05: Cabin Holiday Tree - 29LI *turns on
Day 06: Cabin Star Lamp - 2LI
Day 07: Country Lane - Letters Set - 1LI
Day 08: Cabin Floor Lamp - 3LI
              Cabin House Plant - 3LI
              Cabin Rug - 1LI
              Cabin Shelf - 1LI
Day 09: Cabin Parcel Presents - 2LI
Day 10: Cabin Monogram Stocking - 7LI
Day 11: Cabin Fireplace - 3LI *turns on
Day 12: Mince Pies for Christmas Eve! - 2LI
              A $500L Gift Card!

I hope you enjoyed this hunt as much as I did, and thank you to Cheeky Pea for the Holiday Love xx

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Jungle Christmas

  I've been trying to hit up all the Events and collect all the GIFTS! Have you?!?!


PinkRayne - Hanne Jumper (Free at Shop & Hop Event - Gleaming SIM)
RIOT - Priya Leggings - Unisex (Free at Shop & Hop Event - Gleaming SIM)
[Lv.100] - Warm Boots (Free Group Gift)


Navy+Copper - Beanie Hair (Free at Shiny Shabby Event)

::Backdrop & Pose::

The Bearded Guy - Jungle Bae *RARE* (Free at Shiny Shabby Event)
Ana Poses - Russian Doll 6 (Free at Shiny Shabby Event) *Tweaked with Anypose

*Featuring the new VISTA ANIMATIONS Genus Facial Bento HUD - This little sucka is worth the 2kL, in my opinion. Genus has always been lacking in expressions for pictures and stuff, and this is just what you need to add more choices to your Second Life character!

Monday, December 23, 2019


  Wow your partner or EVERYONE, with this fiery "Body Party Lingerie" Fat-pack. Texture HUD for top and bottoms - black, white, red (worn in photo), orange, blue, green and pink. Sizes include: Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, eBODY Curvy, Maitreya and  Slink Hourglass/Physique.

  Three variations of the top: Full coverage (as pictured), One exposed breast or both. So, be as sexy as you dare to be! Grab this set from their in-world store or on the marketplace for 199L

  This hair is also by #PrettyGirlRock, called "Verniqua". Comes in Rigged and Resize versions with 30 color choices. Blacks, browns, blondes and reds.

  This pretty, curly up-do is priced at 229L, and can be picked up at their in-world store or marketplace.

*All the items mentioned in this post have been sponsored by #PrettyGirlRock.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

$60L Happy Weekend Sales

  Every weekend you can not only check out The Saturday Sale - where everything is usually 75L, but there is also the $60L Happy Weekend Sales where everything is usually... 60L!

  I picked up a few items this week and wanted to share it with you - A full living-room set, bedroom set, studio skybox and some clothing items.


: CULT : - Babe Boots

::Pictured Decor and Skybox::

Aphrodite Shop - <Heart Homes> Nordic Glam - Couple Living Room - PG

Set Includes: hanging glass plant A & B
Magazines 2
Pile magazines
Hanging plant
Cuddly Rug
Couch Table
Magazines deco
Potted Plant A & B
Chair. Blanket
{YD} Sweet Freedom Bedroom

Set Includes: Rug
Bed PG
Nightstand Lamp
Sofa PG

.Florix. - Aries Flat
open layout - three areas including a built in kitchen area

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Tres Chic December 2019 Event Freebies

Ends January 10th

  Every 17th of the month until the 10th of the next month, you can catch all the hot new and exclusive items presented by Tres Chic. This Four Seasons Theme Event is packed full of designer items to light up your heart! 

  This round you'll also find gifts scattered among the designer's booths - clothing, accessories, poses, decor items and more! Come shop, and/or pick up your freebies now!

::Clothing & Accessories::

ED. - Locked Necklace
JAM - Nails Jeans
Little Fox - Candy pumps
TO.KISKI - Sweet Honey - Pink Dress with atmospheric effects add on
.Q. - Envious -WHITE- Env Top/Fur Stole & Skirt

::Decor & Poses::

Fashiowl - Teddy - 2 with Teddy Bear Props
Amitie - My Gift Merry Pack Pose with Merry Prop
.:Tm:. Creation - [WarmMe] PG Winter Pillow Snowman

Friday, December 20, 2019

Stone Cold

  Bold and beautiful, this Da'at Necklace certainly makes a statement. Da'at is Hebrew for "knowledge". In Kabbalah, belief is Da'at is the spiritual point where all converge on the Tree of Life. With large gemstones and shell pieces, set in precious vibrant metals, and situated over the heart chakra, this necklace can help you see clearly with your heart.

  The one mentioned in this post is the Collector edition of this necklace, priced at 1,100L you get all 6 metal textures as well as all 18 different stone options in the HUD. You can grab single metal versions with the 18 stone choices from the marketplace: Silver | Gold | Copper | Rose Gold | Bronze | Iron. Each of the single metal sets are priced at 245L.

*This Collector set Necklace of Da'at has been sponsored by *paper moon*.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Cheeky Pea Store HUNT

500L Join Fee

  A full living-room set has been hidden around Cheeky Pea's Store for all it's group members to find this year! There will be 12 pieces in all, with two items to find on Christmas Eve!  Don't worry if you haven't heard of this Hunt yet, you still have time to find all the hidden items, they are keeping them all out until New Years!

  Each day there will be a notice when a new gift is put out, along with cute little hints to help you narrow down the area this item may be hidden in. Little red gift bags or coin bags, will be what you're looking for. Good Luck and Enjoy this cute Holiday Decor Set!

  *SPOILER* If you want to keep the items a surprise until you pick them up yourself, don't read any further! I will be listing the days and item order so far:

Day 01: Rougir Sofa - Cabin
Day 02: Country Lane - Christmas Frames
Day 03: Cabin Coffee Table
Day 04: Decker Natural Chair - Cabin
Day 05: Cabin Holiday Tree
Day 06: Cabin Star Lamp

*pro tip: Pick up the store Destination HUD to help you navigate the store easier - if you want.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

ACCESS December 2019 Event Freebies

Cam Shopping | Join Group| Website

Ends January 8th

  GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS! Clothing, poses, hair, shoes, body/make up appliers, accessories, poses, dances, decor... so many things! Make sure you check out ACCESS Event before it ends so that you can grab tons of free items and check out all the new and exclusive things available for the ending of 2019.

  P.S. Guys, you'll be glad to hear there are more freebies for your avatars than you'll find at most events around Second Life. Clothing, hair, hair-bases, unisex tattoos

::Clothing & Accessories::

.Olive. - the Gem Heart Bindi & Nose Ring
Little Fox - Moon choker
Vibing - Kinsley Necklace
CLOE. - Farrah Diamond Bra/Corset & Panties - Pearl


CHAIN - Julia Hair - Hair/Bang & 4 Hair Clips (HUD to customize all)

::Face & Tattoo::

.:Mai Bilavio:. - GND Collection in NYA - Genus Lashes
Cosmetize - The Fall Babe Lip Kit - Genus Nude
[theSkinnery] - Minimal Winter Blush - Cheeks/Nose & Snowflake
IDTTY Body Shop - Deep Memories Tattoo - Faded


MOVEMENT - Pxssycat poses

Monday, December 16, 2019


  This ripped Jeans "Tru Confessions" Jacket and Pants set are available by Divaz Empire right now for sizes Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Venus and Maitreya. Pick up this hot trendy set now for 250L on their Marketplace or in-world store!

  Divaz Empire always offers you 100% Original Mesh items with detailing and quality you can trust

  "Tangled Up In Lights" set, comes in 7 color choices, an older set that has been re-textured just for Winter's Hollow Event by *paper moon* in Second Life. Comes in Red Black (shown in photo), Cool Blue, Warm Green, Rainbow Green, Warm White, Rainbow White and Blue White. You can choose from either Static lights or Blinking ones, in each set.

  You can always count on *paper moon* to bring you unique and well thought out items for all your role-play and seasonal needs! Look for this set while it's at Winter's Hollow Event, it ends on December 31st.

*This "Tru Confessions" set and "Tangled Up In Lights" have been sponsored by Divaz Empire and *paper moon*.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Merry Rissmas!

New Tree ~ New Me!

  This cute tree - fully decorated and complete with train (animated and goes round n' round) and presents, was on sale for 50% off by ^^Swallow^^, called Shabby Chic Christmas Tree. Comes in White (as shown) and Pink - low and high HD rez options. 

  The couch pictured, is from a {YourDreams} and was a sale gacha at the store. AppleFall had a massive complete store sale where everything was 50L, including skyboxes like this one - Parisian Skybox. To which, I added the Milton Curtains. Just beautiful! All of AppleFall's items are so fantastically handcrafted and detailed. 

  Upon writing this post*, I'm not sure if the sales are still going, but just in case you want to see - I'd for sure recommend you pop by those stores mentioned and check for yourself.


SCANDALIZE - Sayria - White (GG Christmas Advent Item - Currently Free to Join
MOoH! - Dixie Boots and socks Robust


Little Bones - Lead - The Mermaid (GG - 100L Join Fee)


Lush Poses - Tara - female pose (Free Pose Fair Gift)

*Keep in mind, all information I post - upon posting time - is as accurate and up to date as possible. Though, after the time of posting - anything could change. This includes sales, dates and SIM locations.