Friday, December 27, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations : Ally - Club Groove Pack

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Ends January 22nd

  This Ally - Club Groove Dance Pack is available now at the Uber Event in Second Life.  4 Dances  in the Fat-pack, priced at 900L (25% Discount).  Single Dances selling for 300L each.  Club grooves are casual light freestyle dances for dancing at a club or at a concert. Feel the music with these fluid feminine moves with rhythm and style for the ladies, versatile to fit a wide variety of music. 

  Product Features include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion-captured on an 8-camera Optitrack Prime 13 optical mocap system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recoreded by Ally Vega. 

Check out the video HERE or HERE.

*This Ally - Club Groove Dance Pack has been sponsored by Johnny of Paragon Dance Animations.


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