Wednesday, July 31, 2019


  All ready to catch some rays? Throw out this cute full set done by Dreamscapes Art Gallery, including two towels with multiple poses and a lighted palm tree with life preserver decor. If you hurry you can check the front of the store where you'll see the hunt details and find that you're looking for a blue little sand pail and shovel to get this freebie!

::Style Credits::

[QE] Fringe Kini Top & Bottoms - Watermelon (The Good Vibes Hunt)

::Head & Body::

Moon - Pixie Harlow hair (Group Gift)
DeeTaleZ *Natural Beauty MakeUp* black lipstick (Catwa PowderPack)

::Pose & Decor Items::

Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Beach Time* Set (The Beached Bunny Hunt Gift)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Always Ballin'

  Find me down at the court... not actually playing (because I have zero talent for aim), but chillin' on the sidelines trying to find that eye candy *wink wink*

::Style Credits::

MH Unique Design - Eila BodySuit Collection (Free Gift)
*COCO* Ultra Cropped Hoodie - Grey (Group Gift)
{Quinnty's} Pasties (Group Gift)
Pink Cream Pie - Cyndi Legwarmers - Black
e.marie - Cupcake Necklace (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
~Nerido~ Noir Choker (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
Layla's Workshop - Black Panties Applier (gotta cover that hooha)
Mad Mesh - Mad Nerd Glasses - Plain Black

::Head & Body::

bonbon - asa hair (Group Gift)
DeeTaleZ *Natural Beauty MakeUp* black lipstick (Catwa PowderPack)
TattooMania - T-28 Full body tattoo

::Pose/Props & Location::

{Burberry Poses} Pose Bento basketball
Backdrop City - Basketball Court (Group Area)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Sweet Life

  To game or skate? Choice, choices. Either way, I still look like I'm ready to do something.. to be seen or get my relaxation on. Feeling cute and comfy in this tank top, shorts and leg warmers!

::Style Credits::

White River Farms - Burks Sandals - Coal (Fifty Linden Friday purchase)
Blueberry - Tank Top (Group Gift)
Pink Cream Pie - Cyndi Legwarmers [black] 
*Vanilla Bae* Babe Bellychain (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
-[ vagrant ]- Allison Music Player (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
e.marie Cupcake Necklace (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
SEUL - Tiara Cross Body bag (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
[sallie] Logo Bangle Bracelets (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
~Nerido~ Noir Choker (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
Vibing - Jacinda Bracelet (Free Uber Birthday Gift)
Mangula - Yeni Set Shorts (Free Lucky Letter Gift)

::Head & Body::

yumyum - barber #53 (Group Gift)
TattooMania - T-28 Full body Tattoo

::Poses/Props and Backdrop::

Ebano Poses Skateboard (Free VANITY Event gift)
.::Crystal::. Gaming Backdrop [PINK] (The Saturday Sale purchase)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Uber 5th Anniversary Event with FREEBIES!

  Over 100 (153) FREE GIFTS! Uber's 5th Birthday Event is featuring brand new and exclusive products just for you. Furnishing and decor, clothing, accessories, poses, make up, hair, shoes, backdrops and everything else you can think of. Come check out all the great and hardworking designers, you'll see names like: ACORN, Andika, Anxiety, Bauhaus Movement, Bazar, Belle Epoque, ChicChica, Paragon Animations, Dirty Princess, DRD, Fourth Wall, Foxcity and many more!

  You'll be able to get most of the gifts without joining the Uber group but there were a few that you had to be a member to pick up. Most gifts are set up to buy for 0L, a few are 1L. Amazing selection of free gifts for this Birthday Celebration. Clothing, accessories, poses, make up, decor and furnishings, shoes, hair and more!

  Get your booty over here and join in on the festivities, even if you're not planning to spend any money, you'll still leave with great stuff!! xx

Group Join | Facebook | Flickr

Ends August 22nd

Check out the Gallery

::Free Clothing Worn from Event::

.miss chelsea. Alix Tank
Native - Toulouse Sneakers MAI
Tachinni - Clara Set - Leggings

::Free Accessories Worn from Event::

*Vanilla Bae* Babe Bellychain
-[ vagrant ]- Allison Music Player
.::Nanika::. Daria Sunglasses
.Shi Gift : Gears studded handphone case
[ kunst ] Summer anklets
BONDI . The Syle Septum
e.marie Cupcake Necklace
SEUL - Tiara Cossbody bag
Vibing - Jacinda Bracelet
{sallie} Logo Bangle Bracelets
~Nerido~ Noir Choker
alme. Mesh Stilleto Nails

::Free Hair Worn from Event::

DOUX - Elhsa Hairstyle

::Free Pose Used from Event::

Amitie Uber Gift #1

Check out Naria Panthar's Video for a look at ALL the gifts you can get!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Unicorn Forest & Waterpark

  In order to experience this absolutely stunning SIM you will have to join the group, it is free. Once you arrive you will see tons of trees and unicorns and lots of pretty areas to take photos. No teens, tweens or children avatars allowed on the SIM, probably why there is a group join access only feature. Cuddle, explore and snapshot everywhere... to your hearts content!

  To help support the SIM creator, there are points within the area where you will find donation boxes, feel free to drop a little Linden Love their way if you enjoy your time there.

::Style Credits::

Ricielli Polly Pants (Summer Hunt)
Seniha. Denis Top (Group Gift)

::Head & Body::

Little Bones - Bliss hair (Group Gift)
#Adore Lipstick & Eyeshadow (Catwa PowderPack)
TattooMania T-28 Full body tattoo
Current Look


.::Nanika::. Model Poses

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations Charlene Latin Burlesque Dance Pack

  Charlene Latin Burlesque Dance Pack by Paragon Animations is being released July 25th exclusively at the Uber Event in Second Life. This pack includes 8 spicy and sensual dances with the ladies styling and footwork of latin inspired dances such as salsa and cha-cha. Different tempos and great for performances. Originally free-style danced to the song "Sway" by Pussycat Dolls, "Besame Mucho" by Andrea Bocelli, and "Never the Same" by Camila Cabello. 

  Product features include Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation), motion-captured on a 20 camera optical motion capture system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Post production by Mike Johnson of Guerillamation Films and Halon Entertainment. 

  Single dances are priced at 300L and the full pack is 1680L (discounted at 30%). Dance your heart away with these fantastically classic dances anytime, day or night.  Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page to see these beautiful moves in action!

*This Charlene Latin Burlesque Dance Pack was part of a sponsorship with Johnny from Paragon Dance Animations.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

-CroM- Closing Sale

  -CroM- has decided to close their in world store. Sad for me, I just heard about this store when I posted about their Black and White Hunt, which by the way, is still going if you'd like to go grab those. Read about it HERE

  Because of the closing, they are setting everything at the main store to 75% off, including fat-packs. Most of the fat-packs you see will be priced at 50L, some are 63L. Come check the store out before it's gone for good. 


-CroM- Alexa - Black & White dress (Black & White Hunt Item #2)
White top says "Dreamer", lace mesh in between and leather black skirt.
Fits Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Ebody, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass/Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy/Fine and standard sizes.

Monday, July 22, 2019

No Chill

  Bae forgot the popcorn so I locked him out and texted him this picture. Maybe next time he'll be more prepared. I'll just have to get all cozy and enjoy my wine and my movie looking like a snack, all by myself. Hmmf!

::Style Credits::

*CandiYamz* Syn Baby Pink Onesie (group gift)
Blueberry Stockings (fifty linden friday purchase)

::Face & Body::

pr!tty - Max Variety+Blonde hair (the saturday sale purchase)

::Location & Poses(s)::

Animosity - Defiant Pack ($60L happy weekend purchase)

::Scene Props::

tarte. photo mirror brown (the saturday sale purchase)
Junk Food - Sletfix & Chill Set ($60L happy weekend purchase)
Galland - Fameshed Sofa Table
[Park Place] Diva Bench - Pink Panes PG

Sunday, July 21, 2019

MOVE Animations Cologne Vera Volume 2 Dance Pack

  10 nice and slow dances in this entire pack. I picked this pack up for the Happy Weekend Sale! It's priced at 60L for single dances and 899L (599L for group members) for the whole set. 

  The weekend isn't over yet guys! Get your hands on this if you want some smooth and flirty dances of your own! To save yourself some coins, make sure to join the FREE group as well. 

  Check out the Youtube video below to see these sweet moves in action!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Seniha Originals Freebies

  This store has a free group join that gives you access to multiple free group gifts and lucky letter gifts. Cute and trendy outfits for free, who doesn't love that?

::Style Credits::

Seniha. Alyssa Dress//Nude
Seniha. Kimberly Dress //Pink
Blueberry Stockings (fifty linden friday purchase)
{Livalle} Chyna - Lace up Platform Boot - Black pack (the saturday sale purchase)

::Head & Body::

pr!tty - Max - Variety+Blonde hair (the saturday sale purchase)
Current Look

::Location & Pose(s)::

Backdrop City - Tumblr (group area)
R.Bento Poses - .Swank. Sassy 1 Bento Static Pose
Pacagaia Poses - Saranghae

Friday, July 19, 2019

Ricielli Summer Hunt 2019 & Freebies!

  There are 20 donuts to find all in the Ricielli store. Very low on the effort scale here, you just walk around and they are everywhere you look. Two options, copy/no trans and trans/no copy so you can keep them or give them I guess. 

  Really cute outfits! Colorful and scream SUMMERTIME! I think they are all super adorable and picked them all up. They cost 15L each one, and they are nicely labeled when you click to buy to read what they are before you choose. Come check it out if you see anything you like!

::Items worn from hunt::

Ricielli - Carly Hoodie Blush (#7)
Ricielli Riley Shorts Holo (#15)

::Head & Body::

[KNOX] Heather - All colors hair (free gift)
Current Look

::Location/Pose & Prop::

Backdrop City - (group area)
.Infiniti. Crisp (the seasons story gift)
*Tentacio* Food Vending Machine pink (no group lucky letter board)

::Other items worn::

*Tentacio* Eden eyepatch (no group lucky letter board)
:::insanya::: Necklace - Card Suits - heart

Thursday, July 18, 2019

One Moment Plz

  The Hustle is Real. I've been loving all the colorful mermaid hair from Little Bones lately. And this little lacy and sparkly one piece by InStyl was a 1L find on the marketplace. The pose with money props and the police car are just 1L as well, so some great deals here!  Hot hot hot. It costs money to look this good (but sometimes, not that much money!).

::Style Credits::

Julia's Scandal Eve Chain
:::insanya::: Necklace - Hearts
Blackburns Gothic Lace-Up Boots - Black

::Head & Body::

Little Bones King hair (group gift)

::Pose & Props::

Smitty's Super Store - 1967 Impala Police Interceptor

Wednesday, July 17, 2019



  Mirror, Mirror... this hot weather just makes you want to take off most of your clothes... Just throw on a comfy tied tee-shirt and matching panties to get some air while still being oh-so fashionable.

::Style Credits::

micamee_Mai Choker Silver
QUEENZ .Q. Babygirl Panties & Top (group gift)
Blackburns Gothic Lace-Up Boots - Black

::Head & Body::

Little Bones Theory hair (group gift)

::Location & Poses::

CV design poses - Dream
Bauhaus Movement Poses (gift from SL sweet 16 Event)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rainbow Yums

  Sweets in hand - Check. Feeling cute in some pastel and ribbons - Check. Jealous companion? Check!  Anybody else suddenly want a waffle or a poptart? hmmm

::Style Credits::

.::Nanika::. Martha Necklace
MeowHi EmoKitty (group gift)
Sweet Evil Drippy Syrupy Waffle (lucky letter)
*CK* Strawberry dress (group gift)

::Head & Body::

TRUTH Alias hair (group gift)

::Location & Pose::

Provoke Me Joan Pose Pack (gift from La vie en Pose fair Event)

Monday, July 15, 2019


  You'll be looking for little take away boxes all around the EPOCH city sim, so keep a keen eye out. There are 10 EPOCH boxes and 1 box each from Reign and Modulus to find, each will cost 25L and items range from outfits to single items like leggings, tee shirts and accessories.

  Even if you're not taking part in the hunt, this is such a cool sim to explore and there are plenty of photo areas all around!

::Items from Hunt worn::

.epoch. journee outfit - red fade top
.epoch. proud leggings sushi muted
Modulus Visor - Red

::Head & Body::

Little Bones Hair Geo (group gift)

::Location & Pose::

Stardust - Fun Portraits (free ACCESS gift)

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack

  Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack by Paragon Animations is being released July 15th exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Event in Second Life. This pack includes 4 hot Latin dances, though targeted at females, as always you can certainly use these if you are a male avatar as well. They will play out sexy and sensuous for anyone, at anytime. 

  Product features include Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation), motion-captured on a 20 camera optical motion capture system for the smoothest and natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recorded by Charlene Rose. You will not be disappointed in these dances, they will be ones you reach for time and time again!

  Single dances cost 300L and a full pack of all 4 are priced at 1020L with a 15% discount. Check out the Youtube video posted below to see these smokin' hot dances in action!

*This Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack was part of a sponsorship with Johnny From Paragon Dance Animations.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

La Vie En Pose Event & Free Gifts!

Ends July 25th

  La Vie En Pose is a fair dedicated to poses - props - animations - backdrops and photo tools. You'll find numerous vendors with booths that are giving free gifts. I grabbed nearly 20, that I seen while visiting. Many poses, single and couple ones, some with objects too. 

  .:Joplino:. Relaxed pose gift is a cute couple pose with a dog! It's a must grab, in my opinion. Along with a leaning surfboard on a palm tree deco, part of a full beach backdrop by Bee designs, there are other objects to pose with like a beach umbrella by Cara's Poses and a Cupcake Prop by -MUSU-.

  If you're in need of nice poses and want to pick up some for FREE!! Head on over to this Event and grab up all the goodies even if you aren't interested in buying anything you are still supporting the wonderful creators by using and showing off their fabulous work.


Friday, July 12, 2019

The Point Event & Gifts

Ends July 25th

  Come check out The Best Point Event and grab yourself some Free and Cheap Gifts!  There aren't a ton, about 15 or so that you can get here and only 1-2 are 0L. The rest you will find range from 5L-30L, so not too bad.

  This Stars Bodysuit is by ::PITA:: and is super cute with the lace up back detail. I paired it with V-Twins Bootleggerz heels and the pose is  ~X.T.C Poses~ and comes with the bag in black and red versions! So stop on by before it ends and see if there is something you'd like to add to your inventory!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

July MOoH! Vanessa bikini

 New Group Gift just in time for summer fashion! Join MOoH! so you can get this cute frilly animal print bikini and a free 150L gift card to spend in the store. The bikini comes in two pieces, and has a hud with 6 different color options to choose from. Fits Standard, Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Venus, Isis and Tonic bodies.

  If you decide to join you'll have to pay 100L's but get that back and more in monthly free gift cards, lucky chairs, group gifts, group exclusive items and sales, 10% discount on gift cards and monthly random drawings for 500L Gift Cards!

::Items Worn::

MOoH! Ruffle bikini pants & top (Group Gift)
*PKC* Elephant Belly Piercing (VANITY gift)
MICHAN - Chibi Choker (The Crystal Heart Academy gift)
Sintiklia - Hair Rhea - Mystic (Lucky Letter)
Boataom Takaru Mesh Head & Shape (edited) 10L
[ MUDSKIN ] Lauren Body Applier Skin 106 (Catwa August 2017 PowderPack)
Izzie's Body Hair (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)

::Location & Pose::

[The Sin] Pose pack (ACCESS gift)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Head to Toe Free Outfits

  Today I want to share some complete freebie outfits! Not only can you create these two full outfits, but you can mix and match to your hearts content if you decide to visit a few stores I list here and the VANITY event. Mangula has quickly become a favorite place for me to go grab free lucky letter outfits from. Not only do they have nice quality pieces for Women, but check out the Men's side as well. Not as many to choose from in comparison, but they are always changing them up and adding more!

  I blogged about :::DREAMS::: before, and I still suggest you drop on by there and join their free group to pick up all the stuff they have put out for free there as well. Again, they give out Men's items too. I just found out about the free hair places though, and it's what actually inspired this post. I don't always post a head to toe look based on only free items, so I wanted to try and do that for you guys. Hit up .Olive. and grab all their free hair with no group join needed, as well as Sintiklia! I'm sure you'll find more than just one that you want to take home with you.

::Outfit One::

Mangula #24 Pant (free lucky letter)
AVALE Amy Shirt - White (free VANITY gift)
DIRTY PRINCESS - Classic Tribute Princess Hells - RED (free VANITY gift)


.::Supernatural::. Evelyn Necklace V1 Gold (free VANITY gift)
[Dreamlight] "Summer" Sunglasses (free VANITY gift)
Pare. Charolotte Speedy handbag (free VANITY gift)


.Olive. the Lizzie Hair (free lucky letter)

::Outfit Two::

:::DREAMS::: Sandy Skirt & Top 7 (free group gift)
Marchese - Lara High heels (free VANITY gift)


SD. Clutch (free VANITY gift)
VOBE - Cross Choker (free VANITY gift)
Sintiklia - Meta cuff - left ear (free lucky letter)


Sintiklia - Hair Kim (free lucky letter)

::Pose & Location::

Stardust - Fun Portraits (free ACCESS gift)