Sunday, June 30, 2019

Picture Time

  Alone on the runway, all eyes on me. What do I do? How do I stand? At-least the one thing I don't have to worry about is how beautiful I look in this Donna Dress from BETRAYAL, paired with these heels and sleek Foxy hair.

  Take your pictures, judge me, but I'll be fabulous even after this show. 

::Style Credits::

BETRAYAL Donna Dress (Gift from ACCESS Event)
SAVIN Eva Heels - Grey (Gift from ACCESS Event)

::Head & Body::

CATWA head Margeaux
Maitreya Mesh Lara Body
Foxy Ina Hair (Group Gift)
: ANDORE: Mesh Ears Rose and Key
LIVIA Moon Rings
Vibing + Nova Emma Rings Onyx
Essences Natalia Shape/Brows & Head/Body Skin Medium 02 (Catwa PowderPack Dec 2017)
Fair lipstick from ::Modish:: Linda Cosmetics (Catwa PowderPack March 2017)
V1 Bold & Beauty Eyeshadow (Catwa PowderPack March 2017)


Bauhaus Movement (Gift from SL Sweet 16 Event)

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bad Doggies

  I don't always decide to buy things during Fifty Linden Friday, but when I do! There were some great steals on things today, for me. Check out this beautiful vintage bathtub, complete with decor tray and water with poses! Then peeking outside you see the bad little Boston Terriers getting a taste of some hot dogs from the grill. Thanks to JIAN for making the cutest stuff, always!

  Moral of today, don't leave your food outside unattended while you decide to try and lounge in the bath for a while. Why you'd make those choices, I don't know.. but ya know, just a word of warning!

::Style Credits::

Beautiful Dirty Rich Highway To Never - Thong (Group Gift)
Amataria Crop Top (Gift from eBENTO Event)

::Head & Body::

TRUTH VIP HoneyAna & Char hair (Group Gift)
CATWA head Margeaux
Maitreya Mesh Lara Body
*YS&YS* ILLY Skin Tone03 (Catway PowderPack June 2017)
DeeTaleZ eyebags, blush, brows and lipstick (Catwa PowderPack June 2017)

::Fifty Linden Friday Purchases::

.peaches. Sensual Sweethearts - Vintage Tub
Izzie's Body Hair
JIAN Boston Terrier Companion & Wonderer
JIAN Boston Terrier Hot Dog Theif

Friday, June 28, 2019

Feeling Beauty-Full

  Feeling a little Boho, a little Summery and oh so Chic. Happy 10 Years to Beautiful Dirty Rich! They are celebrating by giving out brand new outfits for us girlies! Each item is different from their previous group gifts with different colors, so yay brand new stuff!! And FREE!!  10 unique and summery outfits for you to wear. Dresses, bikinis, shorts and shirts. 

  Make sure you don't miss out, hop on down to the BDR mainstore and join the free group to get your gifts ❤♡ 

::Style Credits::

*B.D.R.* Bonita Skirt and Top (Free Group Gift)

::Head & Body::

CATWA head Margeaux
Maitreya Mesh Lara Body
ELIKATIRA Juniper hair (Gift from SL Sweet 16 Event)
*YS&YS* ILLY Skin Tone03 (Catwa PowderPack June 2017)
:::DREAMS::: Freya Skin/Shape Body Freckles  (Group Gift)
DeeTaleZ eyebags, blush, brows and lipstick (Catwa PowderPack June 2017)

::Location | Props | Poses::

Little Llama Autumn Candle - Bonfire Night
[ zerkalo ] Seashell Candle
{XO} Full Perm Amira Vanity and Stool
.peaches. Bae's Journal
.peaches. Mon Desir Planner
.peaches. THOT Mess Scattered Makeup
^Upcycled^ Full Perm Dangle Lights
Bauhaus Movement (Gift from SL Sweet 16 Event)
GingerFish Poses (Gift from eBENTO Event)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Like a Dolly

  I was feeling so girly and cutesy in this fluffy pretty dress by hitogata. Hair flowing, safe and cozy on BALACLAVA!'s Beach Towel among pretty and colorful flowers. 

::Style Credits::

hitogata Alice dress & socks maitreya (Free Gift)

::Head & Body::

Besom Glam Kitten (MM board)
CATWA head Margeaux
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
*YS&YS* ILLY Skin Tone03 (Catwa PowederPack June 2017)
CAZIMI Shara Brows (FLF purchase)
:::DREAMS::: Freya Skin/Shape Body Freckles (Group Gift)

::Props & Poses::

Lying in Rose Petals pose
BALACLAVA! subscriber gift 2019.06.24 - Hibiscus Beach Towel
*..NL..* meadow
[Sherbert] Lighted Plank Path
Grass puti colorful YOMESHOUJO
^Upcycled^ Full Perm Light Bursts - White

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Car Candy

  Sporty and flashy feeling the pink today! The :: No Cabide :: leopard print jeans went so well with the Blueberry tank top. The pants and tank come in many color choices, but pink was calling to me! The MOoH! sandals were just that added touch, they come in multiple colors and there is a skull on the top of them that you can color change as well. 

::Style Credits::

Blueberry Tank Top (Group Gift)
MOoH! Taylor Sandals

::Head & Body::

Besom Glam Kitten (MM Board)
*YS&YS* ILLY Skin Tone03 (Catwa Powder Pack June 2017)
CATWA head Margeaux
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
CAZIMI Shara Brows (FLF purchase)
:::DREAMS::: Freya Skin/Shape Body Freckles (Group Gift)

::Background & Poses/Props::

Backdrop City Outdoors (Group Location) *Edited
FUSS x FOXCITY Lara Set (Gift from ACCESS Event)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Bubble Babe

  So retro today! This laundry backdrop was too cute to pass up for a photo. Love the pastels against the super fun and colorful :::FurtaCor::: outfit. TRUTH's pigtail hair added to the cute and girly vibes. Blowing bubbles or eating them? Who knows. 

::Style Credits::

TRUTH Kyoko hair (Group Gift)
:::FurtaCor::: Florisbela Set - Maitreya (Group Gift)

::Head & Body::

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
*YS&YS* ILLY Tone03 Skin Applier (Catwa June 2017 PowderPack)
CAZIMI Shara Brows (FLF purchase)
:::DREAMS::: Freya Skin/Shape Body Freckles (Group Gift)

::Backdrop & Poses::

Monday, June 24, 2019

Man Cave Event

  GUYS! Finally an event targeted just towards you! Happy Man Day! Come on by and check out all the mens wear and accessories there are here. You can join the group and grab lots and lots of FREE gifts just for your body too! Clothing, LOTS OF SHOES, accessories, decor, poses, beards, hair and more!

  It's guy heaven! Don't miss this opportunity to grab you some cool new stuff. Check out the photo credits below for some of the stuff you could get here.

::Style Credits::

:::NOIR::: Bohemian Hat (Free @ Event)
[KuddelMuddel] Schluesselband/Lanyard (Free @ Event)
ExalteD - Necklace Gold (Free @ Event)
Modulus Bandana Fatpack (Free @ Event)
RKKN. Remi's Waist Shirt Black (Free @ Event)
//Volver// James Shirt (Free @ Event)
*[sYS] COMOX pants - sun

::Head & Body::

AK Deluxe Clay Bento Head (Group Gift)
Wild Roots - World Traveller Tattoo 
7 Deadly s[K]ins BRENT special (Group Gift)

::Backdrop & Poses::

The Bearded Guy - Watch *RARE* Im Losing It Backdrops (Free @ Event)
/WRONG/ BENTO Static Male Poses (Free @ Event)

*Not from event - bought from market place

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Epoch Sale & Hunt!

  Epoch is having a huge grand opening with a whole new city backdrop. They have many areas where you can get some cool snapshops with colorful and bright backgrounds.  If you decide to take part in the hunt you'll go around the whole SIM exploring while looking for the lollis and get to see all the pretty stuffs!

  Each lolli is 10L, there are 9 of them all together and you get cool outfits, single pieces and shoes. Check the image below for a few items I put together and all the credits!

::Style Credits::

Epoch dina bandeau - yellow camo
Epoch Stef sandals - black
Epoch dina mini - green graffiti
=Kio= Baby Punk Armwarmers (Saturday Sale purchase)

::Hair | Head & Body::

TRUTH Hair Kera - Reds
TRUTH VIP - Bangs Collection
GenesisLab Head Molly
Revoul Lefort Lechery Eyes (Gift @ SL 16th Birthday Event)
7 Deadly s[K]ins BIRCH hunt Skin - Freckled
Maitreya Lara Body

::Props & Poses::

Silence Atomic Sofa - Pink PG (Gift @ SL 16th Birthday Event)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Happy Sweet 16 Second Life!

  First off Happy 16th Birthday to Second Life!!! Like, wow... it's really been around that long and has grown so much in that time, it's amazing. It's also amazing to see all the fun stuff that happens every year that Second Life turns another year older. They are so generous enough to host Events like this where we get free gifts, live shows, parties and then some!

  Pick up your Swaginator Hud at the Welcome Area and you will be able to go on a little hunt for free gifts by following the hints it gives you. There is one on the top of the hud and also check your local chat for a landmark link to go to in order to find a prize. 

  So many stores are taking part in this Event as well, having 50% off sales and offering up exclusive free gifts and group gifts all around the multiple SIM areas. The theme this year is back in time, the 1950's and foo foo classic and innocent fun. Also in the Welcome Area, if you don't know what to wear for this event, you can pick up four NEW full avatars to play around with. They are all free and you get two sets.. two male, one casual and one rocker and the same for the Females.. one classic and one a bit more edgy.

  Come on over and check out all the wonderful things Second Life and your fellow store owners have to offer. I'm sure you'll walk away with some pretty cool stuff and be glad you took the time to check it out!  See you there ^.^

Check out this Youtube video posted by cassie middles to see the Event layout!

Check out this Youtube video posted by Naria Panthar to see the free gifts!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Bring It

::Style Credits::

[NYNE] Hair 'Nissa' (Update Group Gift)
.:Beyond:. Maitreya Lia Skirt & Top (From Vanity Event)
PINKI. Cute Heels

::Head & Body::

AK Deluxe Cleo Bento Head (Group Gift)
Maitreya Lara Body


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sense Event - June

  This Event opens at 4:00 PM SLT on the 18th of each month and ends on the 8th of the following month at 1:00 PM SLT (Check official website for any changes).  Sense Event showcases new releases of prestigious and luxurious Second Life brands for Men, Women and Children. You can shop for clothing, accessories, hair, makeup and poses along with Furnishings and Home & Garden items.

  Some of the brands you'll find at this round of the Event are as follows: AZUL, Cherry Bloom, Euphoric, Giz Seorn, Hayabusa Design, JUMO, The Little Branch, NOT FOUND, PurpleMoon, PAN, Zibska and United Colors.

  No free gifts that I found when I visited, but very pretty decor of the SIM shopping area and lots and lots of items to look at if you're interested. Check out the Youtube video below for a quick tour of the Event. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Creamsicle Sauce

::Style Credits::

Scandalize Hanna Orange (Group Gift)
DM Livia Set Sandal 
TRUTH Reyane (Group Gift)

::Head & Body::

AK Deluxe Cleo Bento Head (Group Gift)
Maitreya Lara Body
:::DREAMS::: Freya Skin & Shape for AK Cleo (Group Gift)


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

:::DREAMS::: Store Group Gift Freebies!

   :::DREAMS::: Store has a free Group Join fee that allows you to pick up a WHOLE WALL full of freebies! Items for both Male and Female avatars. Sizes include Belleza Freya, eBody, TMP, Standard, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass & Physique. This store has you covered!

  Currently they are giving out a Skin & Shape for the Cleo AK Deluxe Bento head. Skin tone 2 with and without freckles or cleavage shading. Come check them out and get you some goodies!!

Get Info about the AK Deluxe Cleo Head HERE.

 Lucky Chairs & MM boards as well!

Disco ALL Night

::Style Credits::

Besom Cozy Hearts hair (Group MM Board Gift)
MOoH! Hope dress Plum (Lucky Letter Gift)
Mossu Revel Boots (FLF purchase)

::Head & Body::

AK Deluxe Cleo Bento Head (Group Gift)
Maitreya Lara Body


Monday, June 17, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations - Alvyn Unisex House Dance Pack

 This pack of 8 Unisex House Dances will be featured exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Event on June 17th.

This dance is for House Music. Deep House, Progressive House, Underground House, ect. Move those legs, throw that back and feel the pounding of the music with these beautifully done dance animations.

Price for the whole pack is 1680L with a 20% discount and single dances are 300L. Have a look at the Youtube video below to see all the psychedelic soul seething action!

*This Alvyn Dance Pack was part of a sponsorship with Johnny from Paragon Dance Animations.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

300L Free Candy Kitten Card at Oxxxcuro Event

  Two group gifts at the Oxxxcuro Event after you join the Event Group, which is free. Pick them up at the entrance to the Event vendors location a few steps into the Sim. 

  This Event has 60 designers showcasing skins, tattoos, clothing and accessories all featuring sensuality and romance. *Its like Valentines Day in June!*  

Starts the 15th of June and ends the 30th

  Once you've picked up your 300L Candy Kitten Gift Card, head on over to their Main Store and find something nice!  I had to grab these cute Unicorn Sneakers! They cost 310L for a fatpack, but with the 300L off from the card... that's only 10L!!! 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

JIAN 4th Anniversary Sale & Group Gift!

  Staring June 15th, at the Mainstore of JIAN there will be a 4 year anniversary gacha sale and a new group gift. All gacha's will be half off, so if you love all the little pets and animals that JIAN is famous for in Second Life, you better get your booty on down to the store in a hurry and help celebrate!

  Gacha half price plays will be starting at 9am SLT the 15th through the 16th to 6pm SLT. The store will be closed for approximately an hour at 8am SLT so that preparations can be made for the special event.

Friday, June 14, 2019

ACCESS Event & Free Gifts

 The first anniversary of ACCESS brings you a great line up of stores and miscellaneous Free Gifts! Don't have the perfect outfit or accessories, don't worry about it, you can get that as well as some other fabulous items all here. But hurry,  this all Access party ends July 7th.

  I picked up 85 gifts, wrapped in pretty blue boxes all around the sim at different vendors. Almost all stores have a gift out for you, but I did see some that did not. There were a few gifts that would not allow me to grab because of "no gift available" errors or telling me I must be in the group first, which I was of course. So not sure about that. You might be able to get more than I did, in that case, if that gets sorted.

  There were more gifts for men at this event than there typically are at others I've been to, so that's great for the guys this time around. Facial hair and clothing, shoes and accessories for the men-folk and clothing, shoes, makeup, skin (mostly for Genus) and decor items are all up for grabs for the ladies.

Items from event worn:

Dolce Necklece - Black by Safira
Madeleine Ring - Maitreya L/R by darkling
24k Chunky Link Choker in SILVER by Mai Bilavio
Epic Glasses by NOIR
HeirMaxx'97 by MERCH
Moon Choker by MICHAN
Unrigged/Resized Bangs by SINTIKLIA
Banana Bunny Tee - Yellow by Loki
Thays Necklace by MIDNA
Diamond Flow Belly Piercing by ROSSI
Vera Jogger - Yellow - Freya by SEUL
Stay Chill Tattoo by Speakeasy

Props from event shown:

Tropicalia Stool by Kraftwork
Space Babe Photo Booth by FOXCITY


Libellune 5 Orange Heart Balloons by SEmotion
Bento Sit Static Male Poses by WRONG


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cocktail of Colors Hunt

  This hunt has 15 locations to visit. You'll be looking for a rose bud for your free hunt gift. Hints are provided, hunt is easy-medium level difficulty. You'll get clothing, accessories, decor and props.

  There are other hunt items from previous store hunts located at a few locations too, so keep an eye out for those. 

Items Shown from hunt:

Dress: Bella Halt Cowl Disco Blue by Wiccan Wears
Shoes: Sofie Pride Sneakers by Aurora's Closet
Clutch: Clock Bag orange by Freda - Fashion and Accessories

*background image credits go to Leroy Merlin on pinterest

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations - Alvyn 90's R&B Hip Hop Dance Pack

  This dance style has some elements of old school hip hop fused so let's represent the 90's! There are 2 types of dances: New Jack Swing and general dances that will fit just about any song from the 90's and even 2000's. 

  Single dances are priced at 300L a piece, and 1440L for the whole pack (20% discount) which includes 6 dances. You get three groove dances and 3 swing dances, all of which are unisex and funky to the core! Check out the Youtube video below to see the hip swinging and foot work in action!

Want a chance to win 1 out of 4 dance packs? Visit Paragon Dance Animations Facebook Page!
To qualify: Like, Share & Comment with your username and your favorite 90's pop artist/song.

*This Alvyn Dance Pack was part of a sponsorship with Johnny from Paragon Dance Animations.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

E. Vary & Mangula Skins & Clothing Freebies

Free lucky boards, no group join or subscription needed.
However, if you do subscribe, you also have access to the group gifts.

  I've spoken to the owner recently and he reported that he is currently working on the store adding more items and filling the place out more. So there will be even more goodies and new items for purchase soon!

Outfits Shown:

Amanda Set - Skirt Grey & T shirt Beige
Seam Eva Set - Skirt 1 & Top 1 (2 versions, number 2 has lower cut top & skirt)
Nela Set - Blouse & Skirt Turquoise