Review Policy

Looking to have me blog for your store or event? 
Here's what you should know:

❤ My Second life name is: pissyrissy

❤ I'm an honest reviewer. I will always give my own, unbiased opinions on anything that I blog about. 

❤ I do not overly use Photoshop in blog posts about reviewed items. I play with sharpness, lighting and filters for a better looking picture. However, I try my best to keep the items integrity and appearance as accurate as possible.

❤ I am always open for constructive criticism when it comes to the appearance of my blog, the posts I make, my photos or my writing skills. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

❤ I'd be truly honored if you allowed me to try out the products you so lovingly make available for your customers. Whether it be clothes, accessories, hair or furnishings and decorations, I'm open to test it and give my thoughts about it.

❤  I am able and willing to use BLOGOTEX.

❤ I mainly use a Mesh Maitreya body and CATWA head. I own and can use other Mesh heads/bodies and male avatars (if necessary).

❤ I'd love to speak with you personally, but if you prefer or I'm offline, please leave me a NoteCard in Second Life with your Shop Name, type of items you specialize in, and any other details that are relevant to your request such as deadlines and requirements. If there is a certain way you'd like me to go about posting and advertising your product, or a certain place (i.e. blog or flickr, or both) please let me know and I will keep this in consideration as long as it abides by my honest opinion policy.

❤ I currently have been posting here on my Blog, Flickr, Facebook and most times Tumblr. I always make it clear whom the product has been provided from and that it is sponsored. 

I hope to hear from you, and appreciate your consideration. 


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