Sunday, September 1, 2019

[Merak] Marketplace Freebies!

  I've jumped on the Genus band-wagon,  you guys! As much as I loved my Catwa and have used it for the majority of my time, consistently, I do like to try out different ones. Genus has become really popular lately, with more designers making applier items and hair just for it, so.. now it's my turn to give it a go. So far, so good. I was just playing around with it, and shapes, as soon as I got it. 

  I am just using stuff I already picked up from previous freebies, events and such. That's why it's always a good idea to grab stuff that's not just for what body or head you currently have, because you never know when you might want to try out something different later, and you won't have to start from complete scratch

  But, enough of that update (sorry for the long post today). I just wanted to let you know about these cute beachy/summer items I picked up for FREE from the marketplace. This huge lips floaty comes in different options.. an even LARGER version that rotates, or can be used as a static decor item, or this one with the pose. Plus the Summer Cocktail drink with holding pose!

  The backdrop from Beyou & SouthSide was not free, but cheap (only 1L), and different. Check out their Marketplace for more 1L and cheap backdrops and items!

::Featured Items::

[South Side] - Backdrop Dandelion

::Other Worn Items::

AMITOMO - SANARAE anniversary gift - earrings
PUNCH/ Heart Septum *I wear it flipped up
LIVIA::Moon Rings - Left - Maitreya (Group Gift)
Nova - Amby Ringset - Silver - Right - Maitreya
Nova - Emma Rings - Left - Onyx
Little Bones - Era II hair (MM board)
Blueberry - Tank Top - Maitreya (Group Gift)
Scandalize - Aleana Jumpsuit - Strips - maitreya (Lucky Letter Board)
Vlad Blackburn - Thug Life Canvas shoes
Nov-Glory Heart Diamond Earrings (Free ACCESS Event Gift)
Bauhaus Movement - Earring - Blue circle with diamonds (Free Uber Gift)
{sallie} Logo Bangle Bracelets - R- (Free Uber Gift)
~Nerido~ Noir Choker - Maitreya- Black (Free Uber Gift)

::Head & Body::

Genus Babyface
Maitreya Lara
7 DeadlyS[k]ins - BIRCH hunt skin Fatpack
Izzie's - Body Hair
E.Vary - Gina Hair base

*Remember guys! If you ever see anything I post that I haven't linked to, or you can't find, just ask.. I'd be happy to help you try and find it!! Sharing is caring xx


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