Friday, June 14, 2019

ACCESS Event & Free Gifts

 The first anniversary of ACCESS brings you a great line up of stores and miscellaneous Free Gifts! Don't have the perfect outfit or accessories, don't worry about it, you can get that as well as some other fabulous items all here. But hurry,  this all Access party ends July 7th.

  I picked up 85 gifts, wrapped in pretty blue boxes all around the sim at different vendors. Almost all stores have a gift out for you, but I did see some that did not. There were a few gifts that would not allow me to grab because of "no gift available" errors or telling me I must be in the group first, which I was of course. So not sure about that. You might be able to get more than I did, in that case, if that gets sorted.

  There were more gifts for men at this event than there typically are at others I've been to, so that's great for the guys this time around. Facial hair and clothing, shoes and accessories for the men-folk and clothing, shoes, makeup, skin (mostly for Genus) and decor items are all up for grabs for the ladies.

Items from event worn:

Dolce Necklece - Black by Safira
Madeleine Ring - Maitreya L/R by darkling
24k Chunky Link Choker in SILVER by Mai Bilavio
Epic Glasses by NOIR
HeirMaxx'97 by MERCH
Moon Choker by MICHAN
Unrigged/Resized Bangs by SINTIKLIA
Banana Bunny Tee - Yellow by Loki
Thays Necklace by MIDNA
Diamond Flow Belly Piercing by ROSSI
Vera Jogger - Yellow - Freya by SEUL
Stay Chill Tattoo by Speakeasy

Props from event shown:

Tropicalia Stool by Kraftwork
Space Babe Photo Booth by FOXCITY


Libellune 5 Orange Heart Balloons by SEmotion
Bento Sit Static Male Poses by WRONG



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