Whatcha Doin'?

by - September 08, 2019

  Cuteness overload! This little 'thinking' chihuahua by Half-Deer is just too stinkin' adorable! Summer is ending, but the good thing about Second Life, is... weather doesn't matter! You can still have flowers and sunshine all year 'round!


LOVE [War Paint] Unrigged hair & bangs (Group Gift)
MOoH! - Roxette Outfit - T-shirt - Maitreya (Group Gift)
White River Co. - River Boots - Storm (Fifty Linden Friday Purchase)

::Props & Poses::

MINIMAL - without letters (August Group Gift)
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Thinking about Stuff (Gacha Play)
Insomnia Angel Poses - *{( konpeitou )}* Crouch (Free Gift)

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