Friday, September 6, 2019

Got Milk?

    *paper moon* is taking part in this month's Syndicate Sunday round again! Starting September 1st and running until September 8th. You can grab these adorable Olde Tyme Kitchen Milk Container and Jug at a reduced price of 50% off!!

  Made perfect for vintage, country, rustic or victorian roleplay! *paper moon* is amazing at putting those extra special details in all the items they make and this set is no exception. You can find this set in 4 different colors : Cream (pictured), White (pictured), Black and Galvanized - Fresh and Faded versions of all colors. Can is 2LI and Jug is only 1LI and they both can be resized (pictured resized smaller). 

  Interested in seeing what other stores are involved in this month's round and what they are offering? All item's 50% off! Check out the site - Here.

*All items mentioned in this post are sponsored by *paper moon*


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