Saturday, September 21, 2019

Stealing in Second Life

  Sure, I've heard of people stealing other creators designs and work in Second Life and reselling them as their own, but I haven't really experienced it, until now. No, I didn't get MY work stolen, because, well.. I'm not talented enough to create anything like that for the game. Or, at least haven't looked into it really enough to try to make anything. However, I did unknowingly (more so out of  laziness and not digging deeper at the time), buy and there-fore support, a thief. 

  I also had the same experience while playing The Sims, and once I learned that people there were stealing from Second Life creators and uploading items claiming to have made them just for The Sims, I was quite annoyed as well. It happens, I know, and not only online - it happens all the time in real life as well. It can be tricky, when you see someone going around calling out people for stealing, when actually they just stumbled across the same idea and made an item that was truly quite similar, but then there is just straight RIPPING someone else's work. 

  I am embarrassed that I 'got tricked', but more so, that I wasn't aware enough to spot this item as being a shady rip-off in the first place. I got so caught up in searching for good offers on the marketplace that I just bought it and was actually happy enough with my purchase to leave a grateful comment to the seller! Hah! 

  So, I'm sorry for this long ranting - kinda - post, but I just want to share this experience and let you know that I too have been fooled and lured into a nice price vs actually supporting the REAL creator and spending more L's to support their amazing work. It may have happened to you, or some one you know, or maybe it hasn't yet.. I hope for the latter. Just keep an eye out and just like you always hear "if it seems too good to be true, it more than likely is". 

  Lets just be mindful, and try to keep a look out for any person trying to re-sell work that isn't their own. You don't have to call them out on it, or call them names, just don't buy the items and don't recommend them to anyone else. It won't stop this behavior, but it might just help a little bit, by giving the real support and gratitude to whom it is deserved.

 -Thank you - and back to my regular posting -



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