Monday, September 9, 2019

The Exclusive Event returns for September round!

Opens September 15th in World

  Last month in August, this brand new Event was born and brought together bloggers and designers in such a unique and amazing way! Their slogan was "all inclusive - no one is turned away", and to put those words together in describing an Event in Second Life is so refreshing!

  And you guys! They are back at it again! Not only can you be a part of this wonderful experience, as a blogger (new or old) or a designer (just starting out or a bit experienced) *- the prices and products offered for shoppers, is just as great

  With the support that has already been gathered, and continues to steam ahead, I don't see this spectacular gathering of creative minds slowing down any time soon. Such time, love, detail and energy goes into each Event that's been hosted so far, I would just personally like to give a truly heart felt thank you to all the people involved in bringing this to life!

  I'm honored to once again get to blog for this Event, so stay tuned for some amazing and beautiful pieces coming soon! xx


* This round of sign- ups are coming to an end in a few days, but be sure to catch the next one if you want to be a part of this beautiful thing!


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