Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Beached Bunny Hunt 9 with 1L gifts!

Staring Point SLURL
Ends July 31st (most gifts still open! So HURRY!)

  If you seen my last post Beachin' , about the beach set gift from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, then you have already heard the phrase "The Beached Bunny Hunt", however it's not just for that store. There are 70 stores on the list, all giving out gifts priced at 1L if you can find the blue sand-pales with the shovel. 

  I was a little late to hear about this one, but I checked, and as of writing this post, the gifts are still active on the list so you still have time to jump on in if you'd like. But I'm sure it'll be over soon, since it is past the end date now.

  You can get yourself not only that cute beach set I showed, but also all kinds of summer outfits and accessories and decor items! Get your running shoes on, get your derender finger button ready and get yourself some cheap gifts!!


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