Thursday, August 22, 2019

Put a spell on YOU!


  Come and see all the wonders available at *paper moon*'s booth during the Enchantment Event. Their Medieval Sconce comes in both Fresh and Faded versions. Faded is aged with patina, rusts and faded metal. It has an on/off touch that turns on flame, light effects, sound and smoke effects

  There are six different versions available to purchase at the Event, Steel - Bronze - Copper - Gold - Iron (used in pictures) and Rose Gold. Only 3 Land Impact as rezzed and they are pretty large, as to give a grandiose feel, fit for a king!

  This decor piece would look great in a mystical and sensual 'love dungeon' as well as part of everyday decor in your home, if that's what you're into. Well made and high quality textured items like this, will look amazing anywhere you put them!

August 10th - September 1st

  This Medieval Mystic Robe comes in three sizes, since they cover the whole body except for the feet and head. Both in Masculine and Feminine fits. Fresh and Faded in each set. Faded has muted tones and dirt and weathering along the bottom hem.  If you take part in the King Arthur hunt and grab this Emerald version for 5L, maybe you'd like to buy one in a different color! There are robes in Lilac, Mint, Sky, Carnation and Daffodil available. 

*This post and all items mentioned have been Sponsored by *paper moon*


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