Friday, August 2, 2019

FeverFete Hunt - Free Gifts

Ends August 3rd (So Hurry!)

  13 Free gifts to grab up, they include items like clothing, accessories, decor and poses. The festival part has already ended, but the Hunt items are still available (not sure for how much longer). If you aren't in the mood to hunt down the booths - Owl/Masoom/Bondi/Candle & Cauldron/E.V.E./Wrong/EarthStones/Spectacledchic/Crate/SynCo/Overdose/Wicca/FourthWall - then you can always join The Freebie Directory group in world and they have posted in their notices a 'solved' NoteCard you can use to quickly grab all the gifts.

  You're looking for orange music notes, like the ones in the above picture. They are in and around - some hidden more so than others - but still easy enough to find.

Good Luck!


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