Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sailors' Dream

  This Nantucket Gacha Set is available at *paper moon* right now. Perfect for those new Linden Lab Boat house owners too! 16 Commons and 3 Rares can be found in this set at 50L per play in store. A Whale decor item that can be used as display (as pictured) or put on a wall, comes in Three colors. Hallowell's Wheel comes in Brass and Steel *rare item*, Harbour Bell in Steel, "Lobsters" and "Seafood" Signs, Oar's in Three different textures, Wall Sails *rare*, Ship's Flag signs in Three different textures, The "Essex" Plaque and two full sized wall paintings - Young America by Antonio Jacobsen and Shipwreck off Nantucket by William Bradford.

  All these pieces are done beautifully and go very nicely together when pairing them for a rustic and sea inspired room or house theme. Come try your luck at the gacha and get yourself a nice decor item today!

* This post and all the items that are mentioned have been Sponsored by *paper moon*.


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