Monday, August 12, 2019

Spider Babe

LHOW Drider Abdomen/F Body and AO (The Exclusive Event)

  This Set is being released at The Exclusive Event on August 15th in Second Life! Halloween is right around the corner but hey, if you want to be a Drider Spider.. you can... ANYTIME!  This set is really cool and comes with an AO to use with it. The legs rear up when activated and you get to see the beauty in action when you walk around.

  Four different styles are going to be available, Female and Male versions of each. Along with the one I'm wearing here, there is also: SOW Drider, SOWLH Drider and SOWRH Drider. 

  These Driders will be receiving a free update in the near future (before the end of the year), so you can be a cool spider in style all the time.

  If you'd like to know what clothing and accessories I'm wearing in these photos - check out THIS Flickr post.

* These items and this post are sponsored by Creature comforts and The Exclusive Event.



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