Saturday, October 26, 2019

Spookzilla Halloween Hunt

October 25th - October 31st

  One of the biggest Halloween Hunts on the grid, with over 100 stores participating. Not only can you seek out all the little colorful ghostie items for 25L or less, but there are multiple FREEBIE stations set up all around the place as well. Plus! Sid the ghost is hiding all around, so if you stumble across him and give him a click, you might just get yourself some extra free goodies!

  So much to see here, with a HUGE SIM full of creepy fun stuff! The amount of time this must of taken to decorate is insane, I am astonished and thrilled, it was so much fun doing this hunt. You can choose to try and find everything, from all the designers, or look for only specific items by checking the key area with a list of all the colors of each ghost and which store it represents. *UPDATE: Within the Group Notices there is now a complete store list with all the Keys and Ghostie colors you'll be looking for! 

  These ghosts are hidden VERY WELL! They could be anywhere, from high up in the sky to low to the ground, under items, in items and everywhere in-between. So, you'll be a busy busy ghoul while doing your searching. But, it's well worth it, if you have a look at some of the items being offered: TR Facebook Key Gallery you can see all the talent that has come to join this Hunt.

  If you enjoy this hunt and appreciate the work that has went into it - you can take some time and give it a vote in the Huntie Awards. Make sure to follow the rules when filling out the form, so that Spookzilla can get the credit.

Have Fun and Good Luck Hunting!!!


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