Tuesday, October 8, 2019


  The theme of this post is: Something Free and Something for a Fee! Heh. Get this cute Hoodie and Pants as a Group Gift from Pink Cream Pie, the join fee is 250L but you can collect Monthly Gifts, Past Gifts, Lucky Letters and Random Gifts too.

  This Paranormal set by DRD are all free items. Join the Group, for free and grab your HUD at the inner building. It'll take a little while to load, and I found lots of lag on this SIM but it didn't take too long to find all the little glowing orbs on the ground around the building and outside. Collect all 11 of them and head back to where you started to FINISH and grab your last gift!

  While you're there, pick up all the previous Gifts from Death Row Designs, inside the building. They make really cool stuff, and have monthly Freebies! Stay in the group for news of MORE free spooky gifts from them, this month.


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