Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Bit Batty

October 4th to November 1st

  This year at Trick or Treat Lane, *paper moon* is proudly bringing you Paper Bats! Cute bat decor to decorate your walls for the spooky season and beyond.  Each set comes with 13 pieces so you can shape your own unique swarms on your walls. Each piece varies from 1-4 LI as rezzed and can be linked together for lower land impact.

  7 different sets are for sale at the Event: Purple Watercolour, Pastel, Grunge, Halloween Green, Halloween Orange, Halloween Purple and Halloween Red.

  While at the Event, go trick or treating! Each booth either has a treat out front or a trick. Tricks are hidden treats inside the booth. You can see which it is by looking at the display outside each booth. *paper moon* is tricking! Find their prize in their booth and get the Halloween Green paper bat set FREE!

*This post and all the items mentioned in it have been sponsored by *paper moon*


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