Friday, October 11, 2019

Some Light Reading

  Available now, until October 31st for 25% off only at We <3 Role-Play Event in Second Life! This fun and fantastic set of Magic Flying Books comes in 5 different choices: Children's Tales, Goethe & Poe (shown in photo), Magic (shown in photo), Astrology and Macabre

  Each book is an actual book and does exist! They were printed anywhere from 70 to over 100 years ago. Beautiful book cover art is priceless, and *paper moon* has captured it perfectly with these static and moving books. The static ones are great for photographs and the moving books float, swirl and flap, for spectacular atmosphere! 

  These books are 2 LI when rezzed, but can shrunk down for lower LI. Get yours now!

* All items mentioned in this post have been sponsored by *paper moon*


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