Saturday, October 5, 2019


  Two hunts in one, again! First we have Trick & Treat Fair & Treasure Hunt. You'll be looking for pumpkin's with eyes - they are 0L - there are 22 of them all around the SIM. Check the Vendor booth first, then look around the rest of the area. There is a key with wings, in the Spook House, it gives a clue landmark (I didn't figure out what this was for - so good luck).

  You'll be finding mostly decor items in this hunt, but there are some clothing pieces as well!

  The Second one I'll mention is Haunted Island Hunt 2019, there are 25 free gifts here to find! These are gift boxes with different wrapping all around the SIM. Check buildings and then there are some around fences and anything that stands out as a decor area! I didn't have any trouble finding all of these, unlike the first one I mentioned, where it was a bit harder to find all of them.

  The types of items you will find in these gift boxes vary A LOT! You will get costumes, decor and everything themed around autumn and Halloween! This is a great one to check out, because most boxes contain lots of items, not just one thing!


TFF Grungy Clown (part 1 &2) - Haunted Island Hunt 2019

Part 1
Clown Buttons
Low-lag Hair
Neck Ruff

Part 2


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