Sunday, July 14, 2019

Paragon Dance Animations Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack

  Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack by Paragon Animations is being released July 15th exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Event in Second Life. This pack includes 4 hot Latin dances, though targeted at females, as always you can certainly use these if you are a male avatar as well. They will play out sexy and sensuous for anyone, at anytime. 

  Product features include Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation), motion-captured on a 20 camera optical motion capture system for the smoothest and natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recorded by Charlene Rose. You will not be disappointed in these dances, they will be ones you reach for time and time again!

  Single dances cost 300L and a full pack of all 4 are priced at 1020L with a 15% discount. Check out the Youtube video posted below to see these smokin' hot dances in action!

*This Charlene Latin Pop Dance Pack was part of a sponsorship with Johnny From Paragon Dance Animations.


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