Saturday, June 22, 2019

Happy Sweet 16 Second Life!

  First off Happy 16th Birthday to Second Life!!! Like, wow... it's really been around that long and has grown so much in that time, it's amazing. It's also amazing to see all the fun stuff that happens every year that Second Life turns another year older. They are so generous enough to host Events like this where we get free gifts, live shows, parties and then some!

  Pick up your Swaginator Hud at the Welcome Area and you will be able to go on a little hunt for free gifts by following the hints it gives you. There is one on the top of the hud and also check your local chat for a landmark link to go to in order to find a prize. 

  So many stores are taking part in this Event as well, having 50% off sales and offering up exclusive free gifts and group gifts all around the multiple SIM areas. The theme this year is back in time, the 1950's and foo foo classic and innocent fun. Also in the Welcome Area, if you don't know what to wear for this event, you can pick up four NEW full avatars to play around with. They are all free and you get two sets.. two male, one casual and one rocker and the same for the Females.. one classic and one a bit more edgy.

  Come on over and check out all the wonderful things Second Life and your fellow store owners have to offer. I'm sure you'll walk away with some pretty cool stuff and be glad you took the time to check it out!  See you there ^.^

Check out this Youtube video posted by cassie middles to see the Event layout!

Check out this Youtube video posted by Naria Panthar to see the free gifts!


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