Saturday, January 18, 2020

Woods You?

  I've recently made the plunge and went broke by buying the Legacy body. To be honest, my first reaction after buying it ... was regret. I've had and been using Maitreya for a while now, and really, in my opinion it's the same for me as the Legacy body. Probably, because I didn't really work with the shape more yet, because I know the biggest hype I heard about this new body update was that you have more options in shaping and giving yourself more natural looking curves.

  After purchasing it, I of course, wanted to find something to wear on it. And, thankfully for me, I've picked up items all this time, and there are designers that have been making clothing and accessories for this body for a bit now. Longer than I'd even realized, because I hadn't paid any attention to it. That's what makes or breaks a mesh body, are there going to be designers and creators that make things for it? Will it be hard to find items for it? So, I have compiled a list of designers that ARE and HAVE been making Legacy items, in case you are in need of some:




::Clothing & Accessories::

::Clothing & Accessories::

.:: StunnerOriginals ::. - Bento Nails mesh Ballerina Legacy (DUBAI Event December 2019 Freebie)
Tres Blah - Ginger Halter (Sweet 16 SecondLife 2019 Gift)
.: ryvolter :. - 5th Ave Leather Mini (Uber Birthday Gift)
Elle Boutique - Halle Earrings
[Lomomo] - Necklace "royal"


Moon.Hair - Fallon Fat-pack (MM 99L Join Fee)


*These Legacy items mentioned in this post, are only ones from MY inventory that I already own/have received. There are tons more that I am sure I have not run across yet. If you'd like to list some for me to check out - please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me in-world/facebook/flickr.. ect.


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