Sunday, January 12, 2020

Vintage Krampus Style

  This Vintage Krampus Prints - White - Set comes in Faded & Fresh versions. Four different prints, they come at a very large size but can be scaled down to any size you'd like. Need some dungeon decor? Some unique and conversation starter wall pieces - these are perfect for your needs! Only 1LI even when at it's very large original size.

  Originally introduced at the *Winter's Hollow* Event in Second Life along with Haunted Woods Witch Set and Tangled Up In Lights accessory. Now, you'll find these interesting and high quality photographs for 125L on the Marketplace.

Backdrop - ::WetCat:: - Echelle/Neutral/Shadow + Proj. Light

*This Vintage Krampus Prints Set has been sponsored by *paper moon*


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