Monday, November 4, 2019

Death Notes

  Survival Notes comes in 3 different sets. Each set with 3 different items: Newspaper, Paper Pile of Notes and Note with Photo. Each item comes in 3 versions: Fresh, Faded and Bloody! Each item ranges from 1-2LI. The photo is blank so you can put your own image in for customization!

  There are 3 different themes to choose from: Creature Escapes, Father Kills Family (pictured) and Killer On the Loose (pictured). If you missed out on the 25% off sale when this set was featured at the LOADING Event (October 9th-October 29th), you can still get your hands on these through *paper moon*'s Marketplace for 250L each set: Creature Escapes | Killer On Loose | Father Kills Family.

*These Survival Notes set's have been sponsored by *paper moon*


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