Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hailie : The Sims 4 : Download

   A colorful eclectic and cultured bedroom for your Sims! This will be the first room of a few that can be interchangeable if you would be interested in downloading it as a set for your home. Each room will be just as colorful and bright but with many different textures and it's very own personality!


Download ALL the rooms from the links below!

1. Hailie (Master Bedroom)


   Find all the Custom Content used from the links below the following pictures. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

Alelore > Pretty Mattress
ATS4 > Plants for Pots
ATS4 > Quinn's mini set Jewelry Hanger

BLS > Deco Jeans
bbs4 > Wood wall pack 02
BuffSumm TSR > Mila Plant Glas v2
BuffSumm TSR > Bathroom Mila Perfume(s)
BuffSumm TSR > Kids Dreamy Pingu

Cherrysims > Milla 8-3 Antique Bottle
Chicklet > Blue Shores Mirror

DOT TSR > Small Ceiling Lamp Mesh
dreamteamsims > Sweaters

Helensims > LS Cat 01

Ilona > MXIMS Brittany Bedroom Blanket Recolors 6 (Part of Santa Gift set)

Jomsims TSR > pralina blind

Leosims > Wicker Table
leosims > Folded Sweaters
loesims (Patreon) > Decor Parrot + Branch Shelf
leosims > Decor Hairdryer
leosims > Caro Anye Plates
leosims > Ms Planter
leosims > Cassandre Perfume 2
leosims > Nemestnaya Creme Boxes

Miosims > Steffor juleclutter bag
miosims > Frames
miosims > Cassandre russian doll
minc > Winter Is Coming Fake Wall 02 + Closed Window 01
msteaqueen (MTQ) > RSS 2T4 Lee Hee Curio Bed Pillow(s)
Mutske TSR > Mildord Cactus A
MXIMS > Dollar and Euro
MXIMS > IKEA Mandal Double Bed

Natatanec > Border wall small
novvvas > Thick towel x2
NynaeveDesign TSR > Amber Bed Room Deco Torus Knot + Vase + Lamp

Pandorda85 MTS > Better Wood floor Selection 3
PCTS4 > Hamptons Hideaway small candle
Pralinesims TSR > PS VEOX Rugs 3
Pralinesims TSR > PS Wood Wall 31
pqSim4 > Set De Tacador (Hair brush)
pqSim4 > Dormitorio Valens (Box table) + Pillows
pqSim4 > Salon Tania (Cabinet)

RSS (RachelsSimStuff) > Pop of Blue Pillows
RSS (RachelsSimStuff) > Pop of Yellow Pillows
RSS (RachelsSimStuff) > Vasilla Simple Wallset

Severinka TSR > Zanzara Decor
Severinka TSR > TS4 Vintage Set table mirror + old letters
Severinka TSR > Dreams of the beach Summer hat
SIMcredibledesigns > Form and Function Separator deco door
SIMcredibledesigns > Go Trendy Vanity table with mirror and lights
simista > Deep Blue Fishtank Decal
simsrocuted > Behr Walls (Lime green)
ShinoKCRS4 TSR > Country Deco Soap Spender

TillyTiger > Foundation 5

Victorrmiguell > Milla Deco Frames

Xelenn > zulu woven vase

Yumesims > CTN Hanging Rope Planter Large
Yumiaplace > Chocolate Lace Bed Skirt

13pumpkin > Rustic Arch Door Recolors
2SIS > OverBoho Latern empty
2SIS > IronNext Agata Decor


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