Freebies and Finds

  Updated almost daily with group gifts and free gifts in Second Life.  The page is very nicely set up with pictures of the items along with all necessary information and location links.
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  Join this group in world to receive updates on free items available. Not as regularly updated as the previously mentioned page but still worth it to keep up with. There are quite a few that are similar to this group where you can be alerted of free gifts and items you can get in Second Life.
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  Check out this blog, full of a hard working team, bringing you the hook up with free gifts for a whole body that won't break the bank in Second Life. Make-overs for the Cheap or the Broke!

  Every Friday in Second Life different merchants offer up their products for only 50 Lindens each. Very nice items, clothing, make up, accessories, furnishings and decor and MORE!  There is also a Saturday Sale offered in world with notecards of links and pictures of sale items (50-75 Linden items) if you just sign up to join their group.
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Fly Buy Fridays

  Every Friday you can find the hud on the market place for 0L's for all the items on sale. Just Search "Fly Buy Friday". Usually 50L-100L's on all items listed on the Hud. After buying and attaching the hud, just see what is being offered and what you might be interested in and teleport by clicking the desired items/stores. 

  This is a starter account friendly sim targeted towards beginner Second Life players with tons of free and cheap items. Not only can you get nice items for a standard avatar you can also get mesh items as well. Clothing, make up, shoes, hair, skin... you name it, they more than likely have it. I would definitely put this on  your list of places to check out if you haven't been already!

Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News (MGSN)

  Join this group in world to receive updates on free items available. Check the website to see listings and pictures with LM links for various gifts for your mesh body. You can find dresses, outfits, shoes and even accessories!
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