CK Outfits

*all clothing fits Belleza/Maitreya/Slink Physique/Hourglass/Freya/Isis

Sexy Lesson

  Outfit Includes: love your princess skirt * call me baby top * kawaii bunny garter R * love me or hate me shoes * nerd glasses * pencil mouth * sexy tie * slat tab

Alpha layer included for Standard Avatars & XXS-L sizes.


Outfit Includes: Omega bottom applier/slink * Hair Scrunchie/Hair Scrunchie 1 * Cutepie Backpack 2 * Kawaii Bunny Garter L/R * Like a Princess Sneakers * Lollipop Love Pelvis * Your Sweetheart Overall

I picked this complete outfit up as a Lucky Letter prize. Fits great and easy to apply. It's just too cute! I love it :3

Keep Calm I Love You

Outfit Includes: Baby Cropped Jacket * Babydoll Garters R * Hair Scrunchie/Hair Scrunchie 1 * Love Your Princess Skirt * Nerd Glasses *  Pumps With Socks 

*Hair Scrunchie(s) not pictured

Sorry Guys Im Limited

Outfit Includes: Bandana Arm * Bib Overall * Money * Collar Chains * Cropped Top * Spikes And Chain Bracelets R/L * Superstar Sneakers L/R

Wanna feel like a cool chicka? Be sure to grab this outfit!! I'm diggin' it ^.^

VIP GIFT* Cotton Sugar

Outfit Includes: Cute Princess Heels * My Girly Dress

Pick up this VIP Gift after joining the group and checking the back wall in store!


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