Besom Hair


  This long side swept braid was up for sale at the recent Fifty Linden Friday, in store. It's currently the newest hair from Besom and it's really pretty!  Fatpack of lots of color choices and tinting options.

  Besom offers hair that sometimes also comes with accessories that you can change and remove, and I am a big fan of stores that throw in those extra touches. The pretty wispy pieces of hair that frame the face really make the style. I'd definitely recommend this one if you're into cute easy braided styles!


  This sleek, long and straight middle part hair was offered up as a Midnight Mania group gift at the store. Big color range in the hud(s) to choose from. There is an option for bigger breasted avatars, Sleek Blacks, Blondes, Browns, Crystal, Galaxy, Reds and Essentials. 

  No styling hud is included with this one, you just get the bang/fringe less version seen here. I usually don't wear the super long hair, but I really like this one. It's not too bulky with tons of volume, and I find it best worn with tight fitting tops so there is no clipping.

  It's really worth it, in my opinion to sign up for the VIP group, so you can hit up this store every day and get in on the free hair!


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