Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Billie BadA$$

Outre Event
Ends August 15th

  Ibiza Bikini's come in Print and Solids sets, at the Event. 3 Regular Colors are Sold Separately, but fat-packs contain 16-17 Colors for Bikini Top & Bottoms - HUD. Also includes Condom with 15 colors - unrigged and unrigged Bucks for Front and Back of body. Fits Include: Maitreya/Freya/Hourglass and Legacy.



pr!tty - Aliya /Windy Hair


Sephoria - Adora Single Poses & GIFT Girl Doesn't Care (Free Store Gift)


FOXCITY. - Photo Booth - Starstruck Xmas EDT (With Light) @ Backdrop Central

*These Ibiza Bikini Sets have been Sponsored by FurtaCor

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