Thursday, April 16, 2020

Paragon Dance Animations - Sara : Ladies' Kizomba Solo Dance Pack

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Equal 10
Ends May 5th

  This Sara Ladies' Kizomba Solo Dance Pack consists of 8 authentically created dances by Sara Lopez, the Queen of Kizomba herself. Using her style and moves that propelled her to international fame on social media, Kizomba is one of the tendy dance genres of afro-latin dance originating from Angola.

  It is a derivative of semba, with a mix of Kilapanda and Angolan Merengue alternating between 2 beat and 3 beat moves. The Kizomba dancing style is also known to be very sensual with a lot of hip movements.

  Features Include: Bento hands/fingers (detailed finger articulation). Motion-captured on an 8-camera Optitrack Prime 13 optical mocap system for the smoothest and most natural flowing animations. Authentically danced/choreographed and mocap recorded by Sara Lopez.

  Pick up the full set, with all 8 dances at Equal 10 Event for 1,680L or single dances for only 300L a piece.

Watch the Video HERE or HERE!

*This Pack of Sara Ladies' Kizomba Solo Dances have been Sponsored by Johnny of Paragon Dance Animations in Second Life


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