Friday, March 6, 2020

The Land of MOoH!'s

Ends March 28th

  What a cute gacha set! This Happy Trippin' gacha set includes balloon elephants, cloud piggies and sparkly cows! So many adorable fantasy animals, at 50L a try. When you play 20 times you will get the Gift of Inspiration (it will not be available anymore after the event).

  Four Pink Cow's - Not animated - 3LI each. Four Pink Elephants with Balloon's - Animated - One Rare - 3LI each. Five Rainbow Cloud Pigs - Animated - One Rare - Three are 3LI and Two are 4LI. Rianbow puddle pig sitting 4LI (Animated) is the GOI (Gift of Inspiration).

*This Happy Trippin' gacha set has been sponsored by MOoH!


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