Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vintage Bathroom : The Sims 4 : Download

   A lovingly worn bathroom for your Sims! I got inspired to build this room from a picture I googled HERE. The blue green walls with tons of mismatched picture frames just called to my clutter loving heart. It turned out a bit larger than I first planned but I wanted room for your Sims to move around and there are so many things packed in this beautiful old style room for you. 

   Personally, my eye is drawn to the hanging tub curtain and then on the opposite side of the wall there is a nice window bench for your sims to sit and relax if they choose to. It's an old house right, so the heating might not be too good. You don't want your Sims to freeze while stepping out from a relaxing soak, so an old room heater is placed for your convenience. I hope you enjoy this room as much as I did building and decorating it! 

   Find all the Custom Content from the links below the following images. Check out the Youtube video at the bottom of the page!

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