Favorite Stores

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  The store is not only beautiful and girly, the outfits are all cute with plenty of detail and quality. Free gifts are offered and the option to join the VIP group. The cost is 400L's but the owner does on occasion open the group for free! There was just one such occasion, a few weeks ago. I hope you got the chance to join then, but if not, maybe next time.

  Towards the back of the store is located the MM board and Lucky Letters along with a free VIP gift to grab. You can literally spend hours waiting for your lucky letter in this beautiful store. And let me tell you, when your letter DOES come up, it'll be worth it! The clothing offered up is super cute and will look great on you!

  This store sells mainly hair, but they carry some make up and hair bases as well. Across the Sim is located the Group Gift and MM board. Very well crafted hair textures with a nice variety of colors to choose from. 

  Group join fee is currently 50L's  0L and this store is always participating in Fifty Linden Friday sales and The Saturday Sales so keep an eye for those!

  Beautifully stunning hair textures in this store. Hundreds of walls full of hair, broken up into easy to find sections for long hair and short and all the other in-between. New monthly free group gift offered and if you ever miss one, you can buy it on the wall located to the left of the GG wall. 

  Group join fee is 350L's but in my opinion, well worth the cost just with the Group Gifts alone. The Sim owner also has flash and seasonal sales! Don't forget to also pick up the older past hair gifts located to the right of the entrance when you walk into the store on the table. 

  Stunning and sparkly home decor and furnishings! If ever you are in need of clean, low prim and amazing quality decorations for your home check out this store!  So many different kinds of lights and lighted items are available. Indoor and outdoor items, all crafted beautifully.

  Group join fee is currently 20L's and this store also participates in the Fifty Linden Friday and The Saturday Sale events!

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  This store sells skins for both men and women. It costs 275L's to join the VIP group and you get monthly free skin gifts on the wall behind the main counter.  Many of the skin packages come with different options such as moles and freckles and no eyebrows.

  This was one of the very first skin stores I shopped at, and I still love the details that go into their skins, they look very realistic, but not overly done with shine and imperfections. Nice color range, and they even sell skin for standard Avatars!

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  Altamura is a starter account friendly, Mesh body and accessories store. If you're not quite looking to spend as much on a body like Maitreya or Jake then you can check out the ones at this store. 

  Very nice  Alpha hud, one of the best I've seen when it comes to a lot of small options to work with for a better fit of clothing. But if you're not into wearing other mesh clothes meant for other bodies, you can always pick up clothing and tattoos and make up made just for Altamura at the store!

  It costs 50L's to join their group, they are always having special gifts and events for Group Members and the owner is THE BEST with customer service and one-on-one help in the chat if you ever need assistance. I just generally enjoy being in the group chat because everyone is so nice and helpful. 

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  Talk about beautiful furnishings and decor for your Second Life homes! I love the cottage/shabby chic vibes that go into a lot of the items in this store. But you can also find some more clean and modern pieces as well. More than likely they will have something of your taste and liking here.

  The Apple Fall group is FREE to join and offers gifts at the main store location.

  Pets and animals... wild and domesticated. All things to do with the beautiful and charming nature, this store has it all for you!  I would assume most people are already aware of this store, I mean I see their stuff everywhere really and for good reason.

  This group is Free to join and on occasion takes part in the Fifty Linden Friday sales. If you ever see something of theirs on sale, grab it! It'll be so worth it.

  Cute, funny, trendy FOOD items and much more!  Group is FREE to join and there is a whole back wall full of free gifts for you. I love silly and interactive accessories like these and always find something I want every time I visit the store.

  Junk Food takes part in Fifty Linden Fridays so if you're into these quirky items, make sure to check out their listing every Friday so you don't miss out on the mark downs!

  Wow.. this store! Laaaaaaaaaaaadies!!!! You have to come check it out. I love all the outfits that are offered here and if you pay the 100L's Group join fee you get a HUGE wall full of free items to stuff into your inventory along with a Lucky Letter board to grab even more!

  The clothes always fit great and look great on me and the styles are a nice mix of casual, sweet, beach wear, formal.. anything you can think of you can find in the store. Definitely a MUST check out location. You won't regret it!